Mary Schrieber
East Troy FFA Chapter


What influenced you to join FFA?

I was always a pretty curious student and loved to absorb as much information as possible. In 8th grade, my friend invited me to be the fifth member of our Quiz Bowl team. Despite knowing nothing about agriculture or FFA, I joined to tackle a new challenge and do a favor for a friend. Ever since then, I kept coming back until I fell in love with this industry, organization, and community. I like to say I joined by mistake and stayed on purpose!

What inspired you to serve as a State Officer?

Sometimes I thought my lack of a traditional production background would prevent me from being successful in FFA and agriculture. I assumed I couldn’t find a place in agriculture and would push back my ambitions. Eventually, I realized that that perception was totally wrong and that everyone can find success and a family in agriculture. I wanted to serve as a State Officer to ensure that every member could come to that realization much faster than I did.  

What are your favorite FFA experiences?

As the State Sentinel last year, I had the pleasure of engaging with thousands of members across the state. It was such a joy to attend chapter visits, banquets, conventions, and conferences alongside 25,000 of Wisconsin’s future agricultural leaders. Serving as a State Officer has been my most valuable experience and the honor of a lifetime!

What are your future plans?

I am currently a sophomore at UW-River Falls studying Agricultural Education and Political Science. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in an agricultural field. I hope to either become an Agricultural Educator or something involved in agricultural policy.  

What is something members should know about you?

My love of bees and honey is pretty well known, but I am also passionate about self-care, podcasts, fresh frozen custard, and all things Wisconsin!

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