LIZZY REINART - Vice President

  Lizzy Reinart
Vice President
Granton FFA Chapter


What influenced you to join FFA?

I switched schools in seventh grade going from a class of 80 something students to a class of 15. By the time I graduated that class had dwindled down to 9. Needless to say it was not a huge school by any means. This meant that not all sports were as easily available, something that was available to me was FFA. Granton FFA is affiliated, meaning that I did not have to pay individual dues to participate. My dad owns a dairy farm, I fit right in with the values the FFA organization had, and I was learning so much about the opportunities through my middle school enrichment class. FFA became my home, going to almost every conference, participating in Career and Leadership Development Events, and attending pretty much every after school event I could. 

What inspired you to serve as a State Officer?

FFA is not just a club at school. FFA is an organization full of opportunities that I am so thankful I was able to take part in. It is because of the State Officers and State Staff that I was able to learn and develop as much as I have. Attending the conferences and workshops put on by the State Officers helped me grow as a person and leader and the older I became the more I realized I wanted to do that for other members. As a State Officer I not only aid younger members in their growth of leadership and their skills but I am also able to continue to grow myself, my leadership, and my skills through the FFA Organization.

What are your favorite FFA experiences?

I think one thing that is overlooked in FFA is that sometimes the experiences you remember do not always occur at the conference or workshop, they sometimes occur on the way there. My ag teacher and FFA advisor Mrs. Reider (aka DJ Reider) has a very wide taste in music. On many rides to conferences, workshops, and conventions it was my job to make sure the songs were bops, not flops. After several years of searching songs constantly during the car rides I made a seven hour long playlist basically overnight titled “Rides with Reider”. That next van ride, the jamming that went on, was the best van ride ever. 

What are your future plans?

I am attending the University of Wisconsin River Falls for Agricultural Education. I hope to stay in Wisconsin and continue serving FFA as an advisor, maybe even staying in Section Seven. Outside of school, I also want to find some more agricultural ambassador opportunities after my year of serving as a State Officer is done. 

What is something members should know about you?

Though I might not be the parliamentarian, my love for parliamentary procedure shines through. I look forward to judging parli pro in college but will miss competing dearly. You will also need to note my fondness for Marvel, Minecraft, and musicals.

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