Parker Litterick
Vice President
Lomira FFA Chapter


What influenced you to join FFA?

Coming from a non-traditional agricultural background I really wasn’t sure what FFA was or if it was for me. But that all changed when my advisors Mr.Robinson and Ms.Petersen pulled me into the ag room and said “you’re a Creed Speaker”. Not even knowing what the Creed was, I said yes. I was led to a closet full of old FFA jackets and picked out my first set of blue corduroy. Now here I am 5 years later grateful for the Creed, my advisors, and the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization. 

What inspired you to serve as a State Officer?

What inspired me to serve as a State Officer? Easy. This organization. There’s no experience quite like FFA. The opportunities, the personal growth, and the passionate community that serve as the pillars for this organization are the reasons I wanted to serve as a State Officer. I wanted to open the door for other students to find their people and their passions the same way FFA has led me to mine. 

What are your favorite FFA experiences?

After admitting to not even knowing what the creed was…competing in that LDE actually ended up being one of my favorite FFA experiences. Making it through Districts, Sectionals and having the privilege to compete at State was such a cool experience. The experience…amazing. The results…not so much after finishing and realizing that I had forgotten the entire 4th paragraph. Opps. After the contest, I remember being so upset with myself. But my advisors and teammates came to the rescue with a pep talk and quick trip to the coffee stand. Coffee can truly fix any situation. 

Aside from Creed Speaking, I would have to say that serving as Co-Vice President my senior year was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my blue jacket. Being able to serve with my best friends and my little sister on that team was so much fun. To that team, thank you for all of the fun memories and for having such a positive impact on my time in FFA. To Mr.Robinson and Ms.Petersen, sorry for all of the gray hairs that we caused you that year. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to create that bond again this year with the State Officer team and members across Wisconsin. 

What are your future plans?

I am currently a Sophomore at UW-Platteville studying Agribusiness. After graduation, I would love to pursue a career in agricultural communication and marketing so that I can keep advocating for the industry that I love so much. 

What is something members should know about you?

I love coffee. I love coffee to the point that I’ll drink it hot, cold, from a cup, straight out of the pot. Whatever works. If there’s coffee, I’ll be there. When I’m not chugging coffee I really enjoy running and listening to music. My goal is to run a half marathon before the end of the year (very slowly). Of course, I can’t run without some music. Some of my favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Zach Bryan.

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