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State Officer Candidate Academy

Session 1 | Year of Service      
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  • Learn what it takes to serve as a State FFA Officer and how you'll grow throughout the year.
  • Find out how to manage school and/or work with state office.
  • Hear a detailed overview of a state officer's year of service.
  • Gain other helpful information about being a State FFA Officer.

Session 2 | Process Overview      
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  • Learn about the qualifications to run for state office.
  • Gain valuable insight into the election process. This includes various rounds of the election.
  • Hear about a State FFA Officer Candidate's role and responsibilities at State FFA Convention.
  • Join to have any of your questions answered about the election process!

Session 3 | Stakeholders      
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  • Find out what role you'll play in your State FFA Officer Candidates journey.
  • Learn various ways you can support your State FFA Officer Candidate on their path to becoming a state officer.
  • Gain valuable insight from parents, advisors, FFA Alumni & Supporters, and current State FFA Officers.
  • Join us for a Q&A session!
This session focuses more on helping supporters of candidates better understand their role.


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