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District Host Materials


Creed Speaking      
NameDate AddedSize
Creed Speaking Rubric 8/1/2023 205 KB
Creed Speaking Rules and Rubric 8/1/2023 339 KB

Discussion Meet      
NameDate AddedSize
2024 Discussion Meet Topics 12/5/2023
Discussion Meet Rules and Rubric 8/1/2023 360 KB
Discussion Meet Rubric 8/1/2023 181 KB
Discussion Meet Room Diagram 8/1/2023 72 KB
Discussion Meet Moderator Outline 8/1/2023 26 KB

Employment Skills      
NameDate AddedSize
Employment Skills Rubrics 8/1/2023 301 KB
Employment Skills Rules and Rubrics 8/1/2023 458 KB

Quiz Bowl      
NameDate AddedSize
Quiz Bowl Bracketing Instructions 2/12/2024
Quiz Bowl Room Diagram 8/1/2023 63 KB
Quiz Bowl Rules and Rubric 8/1/2023 314 KB
Quiz Bowl Score Sheets 8/1/2023 136 KB
Quiz Bowl Team Registration 8/1/2023 44 KB


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