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What we do...

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) stimulates local economic development by providing the state with hands-on education that brings people and jobs together at incredibly high placement rates.

We inspire... Helping individuals discover their passion and fulfill their potential.

We innovate... Established to support the industrial revolution; now essential to the technology revolution.

We are relevant... providing real-world, hands-on education guided by industry-savvy curriculum advisory committees and faculty.

We are responsive... the System meets the current and future needs of students and employers.

The 16 colleges in the WTCS offer more than 300 career programs, including two-year associate degrees, one- and two- year technical diplomas, short-term technical certificates and customized business solutions and technical assistance directly to business and industry

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Who we serve...

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) serves the entire state by providing the education and training that impacts our daily lives. From police officers and firefighters to nurses and dental hygienists to welders and machinists to electricians and plumbers, many of the hands-on workers we come into contact each day are educated in our technical colleges.

It is hard to find individuals who have never taken a course at one of the 16 technical colleges. Each year, 380,000 individuals take advantage of the wide variety of educational opportunities available. The average age of our students is 29. Roughly a quarter of these students are recent high school graduates, which demonstrates the wide range of ages you will find at any of our college.

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Learn about the WTCS Board or the 16 District Boards.

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Wisconsin's Technical Colleges
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Schools That Offer Agriculture Programs

Blackhawk Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Gateway Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College

Madison College

Mid-State Technical College

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Moraine Park

Nicollet College

Northcentral Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Waukesha County Technical College

Western Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College