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Teacher Resources

There is no shortage of great resources available through many sources. Here are some top places to check when searching for something you need to help with your local ag program, whether it be for classroom, FFA or SAE: 

Experts List - Your fellow Wisconsin ag teachers are often the easiest way to find experienced, vetted advice. Here’s a list of self-proclaimed “experts” who are standing by, ready to help with whatever question you might have about their particular area of expertise. 

Facebook Ag Ed Discussion Lab - There are two ways to use this resource that connects you with ag teachers across the nation: 1) Search within the group to see if someone has already asked a question similar to yours or 2) Ask your question to the group and watch the comments roll in. 

Wisconsin Ag Ed Listserve - Search the listserve archives, or send one email that will reach many Wisconsin ag teachers and other partners. To join, email subscribe-wiagedffa@lists.dpi.wi.gov with the word "subscribe" in the body of your email. Check the DPI website for more details - https://dpi.wi.gov/ag/listserv

Wisconsin Ag Teaching jobs are posted all throughout the year on the WECAN website, with the majority of the postings during spring. Here are the steps to searching the site: 

  1. Create an account - https://wecan.education.wisc.edu/#/
  2. Click “Search Vacancies” on the left
  3. Click on the appropriate filter details, including the license as “Teaching > Agriculture”