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WAAE Board

The WAAE Board is made up of 27 members:

  • 12 Alternate Vice Presidents
    • One from each of the 10 FFA Sections and two post-secondary
    • Six are newly elected each year
    • Serve for two years, then move into VP role
  • 12 Vice Presidents
    • Alternate VPs move into VP role
    • Serve for two years, then retires from board or has opportunity to run for president-elect
  • President-Elect
    • Elected from retiring vice presidents
    • Serve for one year, then goes on to serve as president
  • President
    • Serves for one year, then goes on to serve as past-president
  • Past-President
    • Serves for one year, then retires from board

Main responsibilities as a board member:

  • Attend board meetings:
    • July/August - summer kick-off meeting
    • November- Saturday of the Fall 212/360 FFA Conference
    • January - Friday afternoon of the Half-Time FFA Conference
    • April - Friday of the State CDEs
    • June - Sunday and Thursday of WAAE Conference
  • Chair sectional committee - facilitate responsibilities being carried out and run meetings - during fall DPI in-service and at WAAE Conference
  • Organize date, location, meal for fall DPI in-service
  • Assist with PDC preparations, as assigned
  • Encourage membership to any non-members

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