Chapter Courtesy Corps Application

This form is for applying for Courtesy Corps membership as a chapter. Please fill out all membership information and answer questions.

Submission Due Date: May 17 at 11:59 P.M.

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Being a courtesy corps member requires dedicated work during the convention. Are you willing to serve and represent the state association in your assigned courtesy corps responsibilities?: *
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If selected as a courtesy corps member to the State FFA Convention, you will be required to fulfill your assigned duties. Are you willing to make the commitment and help enforce the guidelines of the Wisconsin FFA Association and the State FFA Convention?:
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Are you willing to accept this responsibility and cooperate as a part of the Wisconsin state team to run an effective and organized convention?:
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What day and time would your chapter members be available to assist at the State FFA Convention? Please indicate how many members are available to help during the following time slots. 
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