PDC Workshops/Tours [CLOSED]
Deadline to submit proposals:  January 10, 2022
Contact Kathy Hartmann-Breunig with any questions: executivedirector@waae.com or 608-354-6450 (voice or text).
This is now closed.  

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The WAAE Professional Development Conference hosts 300 secondary and post-secondary agricultural education instructors. Participants attend up to nine workshops/tours at scheduled times during the four-day event. More details about the conference can be found here

Topics revolve around three main areas: content, teaching enhancements and personal growth. Here is a sampling of sub-topics: 

  • Content - often fits into one of the seven Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources pathways: 
    • ‚ÄčAgribusiness
    • Animal Sciences
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Food Products and Processing
    • Natural Resources
    • Plant Sciences
    • Power, Structural and Technical Systems
  • Teaching Enhancements
    • ‚ÄčUtilizing technology in the classroom
    • Ag/Science Equivalency
    • Inquiry-based curriculum
    • Incorporating leadership (FFA) and career/employability skills (SAE - Supervised Agricultural Experiences) 
  • Personal Growth
    • Time management and prioritization strategies
    • Living your blend of work/personal life - accepting and directing the seasonal ebb and flow
    • Managing conflicts with less stress
    • Healthy living - physical, relational, spiritual, mental/emotional
Characteristics of a great workshop/tour: 
Remember, a great workshop/tour will lead to greater participation in future years! 
  • Fun! - This will translate to engaging and hands-on for students
  • Turn-key - present the material in the way that participants can go and present it to their students
  • New and trending topics/examples - keeps the classroom relevant and cutting-edge (for example: CRISPR, beef hormones, animal welfare, GMOs, pesticides, dicamba drift (mode of action explanation)) 
Helpful hints for proposals:
We want presenters and participants alike to have a phenomenal experience with PDC workshops/tours. We hope these hints will be useful!

Preview a PDF version of the online submission form. 

  • Arguably the most important element of your proposal. Participants sort through roughly 70 workshop/tour options (10+ per timeslot) during the registration process to select which ones they want to attend.
  • Be sure it is short and communicates the topic
  • Tips for making it catchy: use words like "new" and "modern" and incorporate buzz words and topics
  • 50-75 words is ideal
  • To-the-point explanation of workshop/tour topics and activities
  • Leave off "in this session" intro. Instead, simply start with something like "we will." 
  • If applicable, include whether the material will be geared toward beginner/advanced level
How to submit proposals online:
  1. Log into your WAAE online account
  2. Click on “Professional Development Sessions” 
  3. Click on “Submit a New Session” 
Preview a PDF version of the online submission form. 
Review Process:
  • Session proposals will be reviewed in early January
  • Applicants will be notified by email in late January regarding status of session proposal
  • Applicants can track submitted proposals by logging back into his/her online account.