Pre-Service/Beginning Teacher Scholarship

Pre-Service/Beginning Teacher Professional Development Conference Scholarship
Thank you for your interest in the WAAE Pre-Service/Beginning Teacher Scholarship to support new teachers attending the Professional Development Conference (PDC).

Pre-Service Teacher Scholarship: 
Eligibility: Individuals who will graduate as licensed agricultural education teachers during 2022-23. Must indicate a connection to Wisconsin. 
Scholarship amount: The scholarship covers the conference registration student rate of $200 
Deadline: Online applications are due June 1, 2023

Beginning Teacher Scholarship: 
Eligibility: Individuals not yet hired by a school district (includes 2022-23 graduates in agricultural education); OR individuals hired into an agricultural education position at a school district without funds available for PDC (includes 2022-23 agricultural education graduates and emergency licenses or experience-based licenses).
Scholarship amount: The scholarship covers the conference registration fee.
Deadline: Online applications are June 1, 2023.

Questions? Contact Amanda Seichter, New Teacher and Mentoring Committee Co-Chair, at OR Ryan Seichter ( or Kathy Hartmann-Breunig, WAAE Executive Director, at


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