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Blue and Gold Society

The Wisconsin FFA Foundation Blue & Gold Society is comprised of individuals and families who generously demonstrated financial support of Wisconsin FFA members and programs. Through a gift, pledge, or planned gift of $15,000 or more to the Foundation over a period of one to three years, all are invited to join this prestigious society of benefactors.

New Blue & Gold Society members are welcomed and celebrated annually during the Wisconsin FFA Convention each June.

To learn more about joining the Blue & Gold Society through a gift or pledge, contact Abi Quinlan, Foundation Executive Director at

Blue and Gold Society Members:

  • Jim, Mark, Carol and Jon Anderson
  • Lou and Sandra Arrington
  • Harold and Geneva Beals
  • Dennis and Joan Behr
  • Walter and Delores Bjoraker
  • Arnold B. and Katherine Cordes
  • Floyd Doering
  • Elstad Brothers Estate
  • The Family of Matthew D. Anderson
  • Dr. Rick and Peggy Daluge
  • Dean P. and Mary Elstad Gagnon
  • James T. Grasee & Mary Handrich-Grasee
  • Paul Gross
  • Keith Gundlach
  • Kim and Leona Havens
  • Kenneth K. Heideman
  • Al and LynnHerrman
  • The Family of Gordon J. Iverson DVM
  • Wallace H. Jerome
  • Amber Vickers Keller
  • Rodney O. Kittelsen
  • Robert and HertaLaatsch Family
  • Kevin and Julie Larson Family
  • Glenn L. and Sonja Linder
  • Virgil O. and Ann Martinson
  • Gerald R. Matteson
  • William & Nancy (Carroll) Maurina and Family
  • Derrick Papcke
  • Bethany L. Rieth
  • Michael A. Sabel
  • Ken Seering
  • Bernie and Marty Staller
  • Jerry Steiner
  • Clarence A. and Caroline L. Strohschein
  • Thomas H. and Christine M. Thomsen, in honor of Mr. Thomsen’s father, H. H. ‘Tommy’ Thomsen
  • Jim and Nodji Van Wychen, in honor of Mr. Van Wychens’s parents, John and Hattie Van Wychen