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Wisconsin FFA Update - News In Brief
1.        Sign Up Now for Chapter Officer Workshops
2.        Remember to Pay Your Wisconsin FFA Center Fee
3.        Do You Need Help with Your FFA Membership Roster?
4.        2020-2021 FFA Membership 
5.        Wisconsin FFA SAE Grants Available to Members
6.        Looking for information about the 2020 Virtual National FFA Convention??
7.        Summary of the 2020-2021 State FFA Officer Activities
An update on Wisconsin FFA activities from the Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.
October 2020

1.        Sign Up Now for Chapter Officer Workshops
2.        Remember to Pay Your Wisconsin FFA Center Fee
3.        Do You Need Help with Your FFA Membership Roster?
4.        2020-2021 FFA Membership 
5.        Wisconsin FFA SAE Grants Available to Members
6.        Looking for information about the 2020 Virtual National FFA Convention??
7.        Summary of the 2020-2021 State FFA Officer Activities
Upcoming Events and Deadlines
Remember these important dates:  
October 5               Starting Date for Virtual Chapter Officer Workshops (COWS) - Scheduled through your state officer
October 27-29         Virtual National FFA Convention
November 16          Wisconsin FFA SAE Grant Application Due
November 5            Wisconsin FFA Foundation Board Meeting
November               Virtual Leadership Workshops -  More Details to be Announced Soon
December               Virtual FIRE Conferences
December 1            First FFA Membership Roster Submission Due
December 1            Chapter Program of Activities and Constitution and Bylaws Uploaded to Chapter Profile
Sign Up Now for Chapter Officer Workshops
Make sure to connect with your state officer as soon as possible as they want to schedule Chapter Officer Workshops with your officer teams.  Workshops start the week of October 5 and will be available for whatever time fits your officer’s schedule.  With all the changes this school year and not being able to host in-person Sectional Leadership Workshops, the state officers want to reach out to your chapter officers with an awesome workshop they can present virtually.  
The chapter officer workshop will cover topics from team building to planning activities and recruiting members to get involved especially in this time of virtual events as well as discussing the use social media.  It is about an hour long workshop for your team and you can work with the state officer to also tailor any other topics you want included in this workshop. We are very flexible in working with you and working to meet your requests.
Since we are unable to have in-person chapter visits, if you have other opportunities you would like the state officers to connect with your members virtually during your school day, please let them know. They are willing to work with you as to what works for your chapter.  Feel free to contact them, they are ready to serve your chapters!!!
Remember to Pay Your Wisconsin FFA Center Fee
Thank you FFA chapters for paying your 2020-2021 Wisconsin FFA Center Fee.  If you have not paid your fee and you need a new invoice just let us know and we can email that directly to you.
The deadline for the $350 payment was September 15 but we understand with everything going on there may be a delay in providing payment.  Currently we have over 180 chapters paid.  Please contact us if you have questions or need to make special arrangements for payment.
Do You Need Help with Your FFA Membership Roster?
Let me know if you need help working with your online FFA membership roster.  I would like to set up a Zoom meeting or two to assist those that are new to using the FFA membership roster or if you just want a refresher.  Drop me an email and I will send out more information to help you with your rosters.
2020-2021 FFA Membership 
We again are offering FFA chapters the opportunity to select the National and State FFA Affiliate Dues Option. We do encourage Affiliated Membership as an option for your chapter. This may also be a good way to work with your FFA membership now in the unique situation we are facing and trying to collect dues from FFA members.
MoreWisconsin FFA chapters are utilizing this membership option. If you haven’t signed up you are welcome to at this time. Just contact Cheryl Zimmerman or Jeff Hicken for more details.
You can find more information at the following site:
Benefits of the Affiliate Dues Option:
1. All agricultural education students would be FFA members, thus allowing full participationin the three circle model= Every StudentEvery ClassroomEvery Day
2. Equal opportunity for all students in all parts of the agricultural education model (classroom, experiential learning and leadership education)
3. Repositions FFA as integral for instruction and removes the “club” connotation
4. More efficient use of class time and resources (cost per student, teacher’s time, less money handling in dues collection)
5.Opens access for alternative funding sources to pay just one fee
Payment: This Fall, returning affiliated member chapters will be invoiced based on their prior year membership. Next April, the new affiliate dues chapters will be invoiced. New affiliate's bills are based on current year membership for the first year only.
If your chapter chooses to pay the regular dues package....National FFA Dues are $7.00 and State Dues are $5.50 for a total of $12.50 per member. 
Wisconsin FFA SAE Grants Available to Members
The Wisconsin FFA Foundation has opened the application process for its 2020 Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Grants. The Foundation’s SAE Grants are available to Wisconsin Association of FFA members in five categories: dairy, grain production, livestock, organic agriculture and start-up. 
The SAE Grant Program is open to current FFA members in grades 7 through 11 during the current 2020-21 school year. The application for the SAE Grants can be found at They must be postmarked no later than November 16, 2020 and mailed to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation office.  
The 2020 SAE Grants are funded by these generous Wisconsin FFA Foundation donors: Andis Foundation, Bio-Vet Inc., BlueScope Buildings, Dairy Business Association, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, Foremost Farms USA, Nasco, Paul and Kirsten Gross, Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Sartori Company, Saputo Cheese USA Inc., Viroqua Food Co-op, We Energies, and the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.
Questions about the SAE grant applications can be directed to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation at or 608-831-5058 x1.
Looking for information about the 2020 Virtual National FFA Convention??
Here is the link for more information about the 2020 Virtual National FFA Convention
93rd National FFA Convention & Expo Implementation Guide 
FFA is excited to introduce the National FFA Convention & Expo Implementation Guide (ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL) to help advisors preplan and engage students and stakeholders during the virtual national convention. This guide includes handouts, choice boards, discussion activities, recommendations for joining convention virtually, a letter for administrators, a social media challenge, educational standards alignment documents and more. Learn how to navigate our virtual convention and provide an exciting experience for everyone. 
If you have questions, just let us know!
Summary of the 2020-2021 State FFA Officer Activities
Even with all of the changes in schedules and cancellations of events, the Wisconsin State FFA Officers have stayed positive and excited to serve FFA.  Here is an update on what your Wisconsin State FFA officers have been doing over the past couple months.  
July 19-23 – National FFA Virtual State FFA Officer Summit
This event would normally have been held in Washington DC for the entire state officer team to participate in.  This year, we experienced this event virtually as the team met together at the Holiday Inn in Marshfield. National FFA presented this conference focused on advocacy in addition to allowing zoom meetings with state officers from across the United States.
July 27 – State FFA Officers attended the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Southern Golf Outing in Middleton
July 28-31 – State FFA Officer Training -  Session 2
This training provided by Cheryl Zimmerman focused on the state officers learning more about their State Association as well as Team Ag Ed.  Cheryl Steinbach, Jeff Hicken and John Hromyak met with the team virtually to help them better understand Team Ag Ed.
August 12-15 – National FFA Base Camp Training
The first training offered to state FFA officers from National FFA is “Base Camp”.  Normally this would have been held the week right after State FFA Convention.  Gracie Furnish, past National FFA Officer served as the team trainer and connected to the team virtually with the officers at the Holiday Inn in Marshfield.  Base Camp focused on learning about leadership, team talents, time management and many of the basics to help state officers better understand their roles and responsibilities of service as an officer.
August 25 – Wisconsin FFA Officers Connected with Minnesota State FFA Officers through Zoom
This year, the state officers have set a goal to reach out to as many state officer teams around the United States as they can through Zoom meetings.  Since they won’t get the chance to meet as many officers through events like the State Officer Summit and National Convention, they are looking for ways to connect with other teams.  More Zoom meetings to come.
August 31-September 4 – Rhett Laubach State FFA Officer Training
This is a new training that we provided to our state officers.  Rhett worked with the officers to help them better understand how they can deliver leadership training virtually.  He assisted them to help develop ideas for online training opportunities as well as give them tips and ideas on how to best present online.  This training was the first where we were able to have the presenter in person with the team.
September 7-11 – Check Point #1 Training
In the series of trainings provided by National FFA, Check Point #1 is the second training focused on helping state officers develop workshops.  Ryan Matthews from Ohio was our trainer and worked with the team virtually.  State officers learned more about the “Magic Formula” in developing workshops.  They also had training related to conversation building.
September 17-20 – Jag Lake Officer Retreat
Although later than normal in the schedule and a little colder, it was great to get the officers to Northern Wisconsin to enjoy the outdoors, create memories, campfire chats, disconnect from technology and continue to work on their upcoming events and goals for the year at our camp at Jag Lake.
September 28-October 2 – State FFA Officer Wisconsin Agriculture Tours
Because the normal State Officer Business and Industry Visits were unable to happen during our travels for Sectional Leadership Workshops, we created a week that the state officers toured Wisconsin and traveled to each of the state officers home areas to learn more about Wisconsin Agriculture.  We followed all guidelines of social distancing as we toured various locations.  Make sure to follow us on the Wisconsin Association of FFA Facebook page to learn more about our travels.
Section 1 – Wisconsin DNR Forest Products Division, Hayward; Smith’s Apple Orchard, Shell Lake
Section 2 - Chippewa Valley Bean, Menomonie; Alfalawn Farm, Menomonie   
Section 3 - Wetherby Cranberry Company, Warrens; Hoag Tree Company, Tomah
Section 4 - Vesperman Farms, Lancaster; Biddick Farms, Livingston  
Section 5 - West Madison Ag Research Station, Middleton; Wollersheim Winery, Prairie du Sac
Section 6 – Alsum Farms – Potato Farm and Pumpkin Farms, Grand Marsh
Section 7 – Schalow’s Nursery, Marshfield; Seehafer Dairy Farm and Creamery, Marshfield
Section 8 – MilkSource, Freedom; Riley’s Goat Farm, Waupaca
Section 9 – Stedle’s Apple Orchard, Maribel; Shillcox Alpaca Farm, De Pere
Section 10 – Reproductive Provisions, Walworth; Pearce’s Farm Stand, Walworth
We are here to assist you with whatever you need….feel free to contact us for information, resources and answers to your questions.
Thank you,
Cheryl Zimmerman
Cheryl L. Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
Wisconsin FFA Center
Phone:  715-659-4807