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Wisconsin FFA Update - News In Brief
WISCONSIN FFA UPDATE - News In Brief - June 2020
An update on Wisconsin FFA activities from the Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.

Welcome to June! 

It is actually hard to believe that we are now at the end of the school year.  With everything cancelled and our normal routines turned upside down, we have been trying to figure out new and different ways to deliver FFA to you and your students.

Monday, June 1 the Wisconsin FFA Board of Directors met to evaluate the current COVID-19 situation and the status of our upcoming FFA activities. 

Here are some important updates:

2020 Wisconsin FFA Convention - The Wisconsin FFA Convention Online Experience will now be held July 6-10, 2020.  Back in early May, we were hoping that at some point we were going to be able to plan both an online experience in June and an in-person event later in August.  However because of the continuation of COVID-19, as well as strict guidelines for meetings and events and our most important factor being the health and safety of all our attendees, we have cancelled the in-person event we were planning in August and will now conduct all of the Wisconsin FFA Convention online.  

Because of this, we need more time to pull everything together to bring you the best online experience that we can and give our state officers and staff more time to prepare for this event.  The state officers have not been together in person since early March.  They have met many times through video conferencing with the hope they can meet in person once again.  We are hoping that by July 1 the state officer team can come together before the start of the convention online experience.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as this has been a very difficult time for state officers, advisors and staff as we have had to make very tough decisions and reinvent everything from judging applications to electing state officers to conducting a state convention online.

Make sure to watch your social media the week of June 15 because we will start posting announcements and also plans for some pre-convention events for FFA members.

Wisconsin State FFA Officer Elections - We are continuing to move ahead with our 2020-2021 Wisconsin State FFA Officer Elections. The election process will be different this year and conducted through an online process. Because we cannot get delegates together at our State FFA Convention, we will be conducting the interview portion of the election through a nominating committee process. The State Officer Candidate Interviews will occur during the week of June 29 with more specific details to be shared with the candidate and their advisor. We will plan to announce the new state officer team during the Online Experience July 6-10.  

2020-2021 FFA Calendar - We are currently evaluating all events for the 2020-2021 FFA Calendar year beginning with training for our new state officers.  We will keep everyone posted as we work through these events and plan for the months ahead.  

Wisconsin FFA Honors Band and Chorus - With the cancellation of the Wisconsin State Fair, we will not be able to hold any performances for the 2020 Wisconsin State FFA Honors Band and Chorus.  The directors are currently considering possible ways to recognize these ensembles as well as consider options for 2021.  We will keep you posted.

Wisconsin FFA Online Talent Competition - We are finalizing the application process for FFA members to compete in the very first "Wisconsin FFA Online Talent Competition".  Watch your emails this week and promote to your students…they are welcome to perform their talent by submitting an audition.  The auditions will be judged and we will highlight our top performances online. 

National Chapter Award Judging - We are completing our 2020 National Chapter judging this week and results will be announced during our Online Experience July 6-10.  We have been able to rearrange our judging to an online process and thank the nine judges who have taken time to review 44 applications and met by video conference this week to determine the final results.

Wisconsin State Star Judging - We are in the process of working online to judge star applications.  We will be sending out information very soon to our Wisconsin Star Finalists concerning their interview schedule with the judges.  Interviews will be conducted through video conferencing (Zoom).  Final results will be announced during the Online Experience July 6-10.

Agriscience Fair - We are still planning for an Agriscience Fair competitionThe due date for entries and applications is June 15.   

Sectional Leadership Development Events - The State Leadership Development Events have been suspended for the 2020 year.  2020 graduates are eligible to compete again next year based on the suspension of the rules by National FFA to allow for an extra year of eligibility for 2020 graduates and for other competitions with age limits i.e. Creed and Conduct of Chapter Meetings. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through all of this in some very challenging times.

Stay healthy and stay positive!!!

Thank you for all you are doing for students and for each other!!

If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me or call.

Cheryl L. Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.
Phone:  715-659-4807