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Day 3 Video Highlights

July 8, 2020
Day 3 Closing
Wisconsin FFA Honors Band Recognition
Wisconsin FFA Alumni & Supporters Workshop
Wisconsin FFA Alumni Promo
Congratulations to all of our Wisconsin State FFA Degree recipients from Jeff Renk of Renk Seed! We are very grateful for all of the support Renk Seed gives to the Wisconsin FFA. Check out a short message here from Mr. Renk himself!
Past State Officer Video
"It Happens" Lydia Williams, Retiring Address
Zachary Woodworth, Star In Agribusiness Finalist
Rhiannon Reimer, Star In Agribusiness Finalist
Joseph Pulver, Star In Agribusiness Finalist
Alex Brzezinski, Star In Agribusiness Finalist
Carter Beaulieu, Star In Agribusiness Finalist
"Future In Farming" Daniel Clark, Retiring Address
Cortney Zimmerman, Star Farmer Finalist
Morgan Vondra, Star Farmer Finalist
Everlah Riley, Star Farmer Finalist
Emily Makos, Star Farmer Finalist
Carson Lobdell, Star Farmer Finalist
"Who Recognizes You?", Jared Mack, Retiring Address
State Degree Ceremony
Wisconsin FFA Alumni Welcome
Day 3, Wisconsin FFA Online Convention 2020
Day 3, Wisconsin FFA Online Convention 2020
FFA Convention Partners
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