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Wisconsin FFA, I don’t even kn
Jun. 08, 2023
Jeremiah Ihm - Vice President
Lancaster FFA Chapter
Section 4

Wisconsin FFA, I don’t even know where to begin. In just four short days the gavel will drop for the 94th Wisconsin FFA Convention at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. It feels like just yesterday I was walking out of that building with 10 strangers and a year of adventures ahead of me. Yet, here I am reminiscing on all the amazing memories I have had both this year and throughout my time in the FFA altogether.

When I started my journey in the blue jacket I never would have guessed where it would have taken me or the impact it would have. While I was looking through pictures from some of my first FFA events I was reminded by someone that I still look the same. To which I responded “You’re right. I never really had a glow-up rather a grow-up.” I cannot help but say thank you to this wonderful organization to which I give credit for helping shape me into who I am today. Additionally, I am not just speaking from myself, but on behalf of my whole team when I say, this past year has been one of the most memorable years of our lives.

As we prepare for convention there are a lot of emotions that fill our heads. We get anxious, stressed, happy, sad, excited, exhausted, the whole 9 yards. But it is all in anticipation of our grand finale, our last hoo-rah, the moment we have all been working so hard for. Over the past 365 days, those 10 strangers that walked out of the Alliant Energy Center with me have become not only some of my best friends but a family. This organization has always been my home away from home and this year has only strengthened that because what is a home without its family.

Wisconsin FFA, on behalf of myself and my team, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the friendships, thank you for the adventures, and thank you for the growth. We are all so excited to see you at the 2023 Wisconsin FFA Convention.

For the final time,
Jeremiah Ihm
Life's a Dance
May. 28, 2023
Devani Hinkelmann - Vice President
Loyal FFA Chapter
Section 7

As the great John Michael Montgomery once said, “Life’s a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.” While this song is not directly about FFA, it definitely relates to each of us.

“Sometimes you follow.” Starting out, we never quite know what to think of FFA. We know that it seems fun and have heard that it can grow us into strong leaders. We find ourselves admiring older leaders within our chapters and striving to be like them one day. We follow their guidance and leadership, while pushing ourselves to “learn as we go.”

“Sometimes you lead.” Throughout the years, our days of following start to transform into days of leading. We may take on a new leadership role or start being more involved with activities. We find ourselves helping in any way that we can and inevitably make a difference. We become the leaders our younger selves aspired to be.

“Life’s a dance.” Yes, I know this song is not actually about dancing, but in FFA, we dance A LOT. Whether that be at a National Convention concert or during a leadership conference, we have those “go-to” songs that never fail to get us on our feet. As members, we build connections with other members on the dance floor through songs such as “Cotton Eye Joe” or “Fishing in the Dark.” Whether we want to admit it or not, dancing and FFA are connected a lot more than we think they would be.

Let’s go back to that entire phrase. “Life’s a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.” While it may not always be easy to admit, this song and these words relate to all of us. We find ourselves in moments of being a follower, a leader, and an epic dancer. As we encounter these different moments in our FFA careers, remember to face them head on. Conquer them the best that you can and never let any hesitation stop you. Remember, “you learn as you go.”

Wisconsin FFA, this year truly has been one big dance. From our laughs to our cringey moments to everything in between, I am so thankful to have been able to serve you. Thank you for showing me the metaphorical steps to many new “dances.” It is with your support, wisdom, and encouragement that I was able to serve you to the best of my abilities. As we move forward, you will always have a special place in my heart. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, I know you’ll do great things.

Signing off,
Your 2022-2023 Section 7 State Vice President
Devani A. Hinkelmann
Throughout our lives, we dedicat
May. 24, 2023
Brooke Casey - Vice President
New London FFA Chapter
Section 8

Throughout our lives, we dedicate our time in different ways and to different events. Whether that is school, sports, clubs, or hobbies, they each are important and hold value. Our time that we have is limited, so we must remember to value how we spend it and where we place it. Just a couple of years ago, I was told by several family members that these years will fly by fast and to hang on to them, and little did I know just how right they were.

My last five years in FFA have flown by faster than I ever thought possible. Looking back at photos from my first year it’s hard to believe how far I have come and how long it has been. All the hours spent in the ag room and time at FFA events that have gone by are unbelievable. I never realized how valuable and limited that time was until I got here. In three weeks I will be hanging up my blue jacket which is a day I never thought would actually come. As far away and distant as it may seem to many of you, it’s so much closer than you think. When you get a chance I encourage each of you to value each and every memory you have in this organization because before you know it, your time will be up as a member.

Although my time as a member and officer in FFA is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that my time with the FFA is done as well. We have to remember that we can continue our journey alongside our organization as many have in the past. We can become Alumni and Supports, we can be a coach, or we can be an agriculture teacher. There are so many options that we must be open to because our dedication to this organization does not need to end when you hang up your blue jacket. FFA members, I encourage you to value your time in FFA as a member and remember to that we can all continue our journeys alongside FFA! I hope to see you many of you at the 94th Annual Wisconsin FFA Convention in three weeks!!!

See you all soon,

Brooke Casey
State Vice President 2022-2023
Wisconsin Association of FFA
Let Your Light Shine
May. 22, 2023
Evan Mennen - Parliamentarian
Bay Port FFA Chapter
Section 9

As I reminisce on my time throughout this past year, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and pride. Gratitude for the countless opportunities and experiences that FFA has given me, and pride in the knowledge that I am a part of an organization that is truly making a difference in the world.

As a state officer, I had the privilege of traveling and meeting members from all over the state. Whether it was creating tik toks with members at the Section 5 Fall Leadership Conference, dressing up as Santa at the Wrightstown FFA Christmas Party, or breaking it down on the dance floor at conferences I was constantly impressed by the excitement, dedication, and talent that each member possessed. But what struck me the most was the sense of community and belonging that I felt whenever I was with FFA members. It was clear to me that we were all united by a common goal: to make a positive impact on the world through agriculture and leadership.

To the FFA members who made an impact on my life, I want to say thank you. Thank you for showing me the power of a shared vision, and for teaching me the importance of hard work and determination. Thank you for challenging me to be a better leader, and for inspiring me to continue chasing my dreams. Most of all, thank you for being a part of my journey. Your support, encouragement, and friendship have meant more to me than words could ever express.

But my gratitude for FFA goes beyond just my personal experiences. I am in awe of the impact that this organization is having on the world. From promoting sustainable agriculture practices to developing the next generation of leaders, FFA is truly making a difference. And it is all thanks to YOU, the incredible members who make up this organization.

As I look back today, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future. I know that each and every one of you has the potential to achieve great things. Whether you go on to become farmers, teachers, business leaders, doctors or something else entirely, I have no doubt that you will make a positive impact on the world.
But I want to leave you with one final thought. As FFA members, you are all shining lights in the world. Your passion, dedication, and leadership are beacons of hope and inspiration to others. But it is not enough to simply shine your light. You must also inspire others to shine theirs.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." So I challenge you to let your light shine, not just for yourself, but for others. Inspire those around you to be the best that they can be. Show them the power of a shared vision and the importance of hard work and determination. And always remember that you are a part of something truly special. You are a part of FFA.

I want to once again express my gratitude to all of you who made an impact on my life. You have my deepest respect and admiration. Before I go I want to say this: It is said that when you let your light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same. Wisconsin FFA, I have seen you shine your light this year. It has been awesome. Absolutely encouraging. And it is you who have given me the permission to let my light shine over this past year. FFA members go out into the world and let your light shine. You have the power to make a positive impact on the world, and I have no doubt that you will. Thank you, Wisconsin FFA, for everything. Mennen Out!

Everyone's an Advocate
May. 17, 2023
Mary Schrieber - Sentinel
East Troy FFA Chapter
Section 10

With just a few short weeks until State Convention our team has been hard at work creating scripts, meal plans, seating arrangements, and more. Despite our busy schedule, I still had the chance to attend three Food for America and agriculture literacy events this week.
At every school I went to, the FFA members were excited to share the story of agriculture with younger students and engage them with questions and stories. The grade schoolers were somehow even more enthusiastic while petting the animals, making ice cream, digging in soil, and creating art projects.
No matter the event I traveled to or the activity we were doing, the younger students always had questions to ask. They ranged from everything to the parts of a plant, to the names of the puppies, to the number of hexagons in a beehive. What struck me most was the eager response of the FFA members who shared their knowledge and experience. The members didn’t hesitate to tell stories, ask questions, and listen to what the younger students had to say. They were respectful and happy to provide an opportunity for agricultural education.
After watching hundreds of FFA members share their agriculture and FFA stories with younger students, I was reminded of the value that each member brings to this organization. Future FFA members were exposed to the industry that feeds, clothes, and fuels them by enthusiastic young agriculturalists, each of whom bring their own perspectives and experiences. Sharing our agricultural stories helps increase awareness about our industry, involvement in agricultural careers, and support from our communities. Every FFA member has the capability to become and influence the next generation of agricultural leaders.
As this year comes to a close, don’t hesitate to share your story with others. Whether you are speaking with an elementary school student, another FFA member, or an industry expert, answer questions with grace and treat every interaction as an opportunity for growth. Know that your background and experiences are valuable and demonstrate the positive impact of this industry and our organization. Everyone can serve as an agricultural educator and advocate for our industry and FFA.

Let’s continue to advocate and share over the next few weeks,
Mary Schrieber
These are the Good Years
May. 15, 2023
Casey Denk - President
Mondovi FFA Chapter

We have officially made it to the time of our year when we start looking back and wondering where the time has gone. Like myself we may start asking ourselves, did we do everything possible to soak it all in? Were photos and videos taken? Did we attend all the events we wanted to? Spend enough time with family and friends? But looking back, the most important question we must ask ourselves is: Did we make the most out of every opportunity we were presented with?

In the heat of the moment and the rush of our busy schedules, it’s easy to hunker down, chip away at our to-do list, and only dedicate time to the next task at hand. With just about a month left of serving Wisconsin FFA, I sat down to think about these questions. These past two years have easily turned into the best years of my life and are home to some of my fondest memories. I’ve met inspiring FFA members, traveled countless miles, been influenced by FFA advisors and alumni, and have had the privilege of being a part of two remarkable state officer teams.

The last two years of my life have been nothing short of amazing and it has been my honor being able to spend it with all of you. The team and I have spent weeks on the road traveling to every corner of the state attending chapter activities, we’ve stayed up until the wee hours of the night playing cards, consumed our fair share of Culver’s custard, and laughed together more than we thought possible.

Wisconsin FFA, over the past two years you have become the biggest influence in my life. Each one of you brought me into your chapters and made me feel right at home. FFA members, advisors, and alumni, thank you for granting me the opportunity to grow alongside each one of you throughout the past two years. I can never say thank you enough for the impact each one of you has left on me, the memories we created, the goofy pictures we took, and the relationships we fostered. Thank you all for bringing me along to be a part of your FFA journey, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I’ll cherish the experience forever.

Thank you for creating the best two years of my life,

Casey J. Denk
New Beginnings
May. 11, 2023
Isaac Hopke - Secretary
Spooner FFA Chapter
Section 1

Wisconsin FFA, May is here, which means State Convention is a month away. This means that our FFA year is coming to an end. For some of us, we are preparing to graduate, while others are waiting for summer. For us State Officers, we are preparing for our final short days of one of the best years of our lives. As June approaches, there are many things that come to an end. But what can we learn from things coming to an end?

Throughout life, many things come to an end. High school, college, our first job, our last job, sports, books, movies, TV shows and so much more. When these things end, we are often left in a state of sometimes disbelief, or even just being clueless as to what to do next. If you are in one of these situations, maybe take a moment to think about what exactly you even are supposed to do. If you’re anything like me, you have NO idea what to do or even what to think in these situations. But, there might be something to think about and look forward to after all.

What happens when something in life ends? Does time stop? Does the Earth stop rotating? No, of course not! Oftentimes, it may completely feel like time does stop and that there is no future or anything good that could happen. But I’d like to offer up some other advice. With every end, what happens next? Something new. After a large event in life is over, we have a new chapter of our life to start. Maybe we aren’t even changing what we are doing, it might just be a new mental chapter of our life. Sometimes we might literally have to take up the exact same tasks as before, but after every end in our life, we grow, and if we use that growth, we can improve our mindset to be better than we were the day before.

As our year comes to a close, many things come to an end, sometimes for the final time. It may be easy to feel lost in these moments, but time always moves on. The best thing we can do is to keep moving forward, and use the growth we have acquired from our experiences which will all come to an end eventually. During these times, and anytime in stress or unfamiliarity, it is also important to never forget to put yourself first and sort out your God-given gift, your mind.

Wisconsin FFA, thank you for the surreal year. I will never forget the memories and relationships that I have built with every person I have interacted with. I am so glad I had the opportunity to serve agriculture and the FFA within our great state. I pray for the best for every single member, advisor, and supporter that is affected by the FFA!
Where did the Time Go?
May. 08, 2023
Heidi Strey - Vice President
Osseo-Fairchild FFA Chapter
Section 2

It seems like only yesterday I was moving into Crabtree Hall as a freshman at UW-River Falls, and this week I’ll be finishing up my junior year. Where did the time go? It’s a question we find asking ourselves this time of year. School comes to an end, friends graduate, and before you know it, we’re off to our summer jobs and internships. As a college student, this time of year is especially bittersweet. The stress of classes is over, but it’s full of goodbyes.

As I look at my past three years of college, I’m full of thankfulness for the people I have in my corner. They’ve heard me practice my FFA speeches, make sure I’m always fed, stayed up late with me to work on homework, and have tried their best to stay up to date with my busy FFA schedule. I can’t thank them enough for their support over this past year.

This past weekend, two of my roommates graduated and started the process of moving out of the house. Of course I insisted that we take our last roommate photo together. While I may have heard some grumbling about coordinating all of our schedules and telling them where to stand for the picture, I think it’s safe to say it was a success. This is a moment in time with people we will never forget.

Just like many college memories are coming to an end, my time in the blue jacket is also. I’ve been reminding myself to take in every moment of this experience. I really don’t know how time went so fast and how we are only 36 days away until the gavel drops at the 94th Wisconsin State FFA Convention. This past year of my life has been the most memorable by far, and I am so thankful for the memories I’ve had with each and every one of you.

Many of us may be experiencing this bittersweet feeling now. Maybe we have friends that are graduating, we are ourselves, the FFA year is coming to an end, or maybe it’s just a time of change. My advice to you is to take in all of these last memories. Take the pictures, spend time with the people you care about, go on an adventure, and be spontaneous. It’s time to live in the moment because in a few short weeks, we’ll be wondering, where did the time go?

See you soon,
-Heidi Strey
Day of Service
May. 04, 2023
Kendra Goplin - Reporter
Whitehall FFA Chapter
Section 3

Happy May, FFA Members! It is a crazy time of year where we are celebrating that successful CDE contest result, reflecting on our year as we finish up awards nights and end of the year banquets and we might even have a countdown to the number of school days left. As we think about all of those occasions, we obviously needed help along the way. A coach who encouraged us along the way, a “good luck” from a friend or family member, or a special award received for a job well done from a local business or supporter.

During my time in high school and middle school I always looked forward to one specific day in the spring. A day where the whole chapter gets together to go out into the community and help out with various tasks. Some years we would go to the county park and pick up garbage and rake leaves at the camp sites, other years we painted picnic tables and the shelter at the park, and some years we planted over 100 trees. This day was always so much fun, even if the jobs were kind of boring. As an FFA chapter we always found a way to make it fun, whether that was listening to music, finding any way to make a contest out of what we were doing or even just talking to people we don’t get to see as often. Yesterday, I was able to go back to help with Whitehall FFA’s Day of Service. Some spent the morning at the local park picking up sticks and raking the ballfield while others shoveled and did a landscaping project for a local community member. In the afternoon we conducted highway clean up and I was responsible for helping to pull weeds and mulch around the “Welcome to Whitehall” sign. We played music, had a contest to see who pulled up the longest root of the weeds and had an overall good time as we gave back to the community that supports us as FFA members.

Community service is an important part of being a part of any organization. Our communities support us so much as high school and middle school participants, whether that’s helping to sponsor field trips, donating to a scholarship fund, or cheering us on in our sporting events. It is our time to give back to them. Giving back doesn't always have to be extravagant either, it could be as simple as picking up trash in the stands after a baseball or softball game or sending that special someone a “thank you” note.

As we wind up our school year, take a minute to think about who got you to where you are academically, socially, or as an FFA member. Who can we thank and how can we do it?
Wonderful Wisconsin Weather
May. 01, 2023
Jeremiah Ihm - Vice President
Lancaster FFA Chapter
Section 4

Tis the season when Wisconsin sells its wonderful weather with a beautiful sales pitch.

**In a store-wide sale voice** “Happy Summer……SIIIIKE!!! We still have windy cold temps that come in all shapes and sizes. And don’t forget the unpredictable sleet, snow, and rain that comes only when you have off work. Now, if that wasn’t convincing enough, we even have sore throats, sneezes, and sniffles that suit ALL ages. Enjoy your stay and welcome to Wisconsin!!!”

I don’t know about y’all but I am really sick of this weather. Like come on, just let a man work outside in peace, because if it is not raining the wind is blowing mock 100. In fact, for the past few days I have been preparing an addition to our driveway to gain more parking space. I have been ripping up sod, moving sand, and laying gravel. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted my pair of safety goggles from college, not safety glasses because they still didn’t do the job, but safety goggles. I have gotten so much sand in my eyes that it’s not even funny. Not only has it been windy but while I was working the temperature was all over the place.

On Saturday, I went from being cold and wearing a flannel, vest, and baseball cap, to sweating with just the flannel, to needing a stocking cap with the flannel and vest, and finally settling with just the flannel and stocking cap. Regardless of the struggle, when the project is completed we will have enough parking for all of the family vehicles….well, almost all. Despite the inconsistent and temperamental weather, it will not stop me from completing this driveway.

Wisconsin FFA, if you have read my travel blogs in the past you will notice a common theme. I tend to spend a lot of time outside, especially during less-than-favorable weather. You will also notice that it has never stopped me from completing the task at hand. I want each of you to keep this in mind while going about life as it throws you curve balls, speed bumps, and bad weather. No matter how difficult your situation is I believe that you can and will persevere through it and come out on top. Each and every one of you is strong enough to face the obstacles thrown at you and complete the tasks at hand, even in this wonderful Wisconsin weather.

Until Next Time,
Jeremiah Ihm
Deal Me In
Apr. 27, 2023
Rhylie Gough - Vice President
Albany FFA Chapter
Section 5

If there’s one down-time activity that I associate with FFA, it’s playing cards. I vividly remember learning to play Euchre on a rainy day in 7th Grade that kept all of our school greenhouse customers away, and the hotel lobbies in Indianapolis were practically made for multi-chapter games of Slapjack or Cheat. I mean, if there’s one thing I’ve learned after all of these years, it’s that you can substitute almost ANYTHING in for a game of Spoons when you’re desperate - whether it’s markers, candy, or a bunch of “Living to Serve” wristbands that are just a bit too stretched out now. But even with all the time I’ve spent getting to know a trusty 52-deck of cards and my fellow members, I’ve learned there’s always another game that I don’t know yet.

This spring, I was able to visit high school students in Waunakee’s second semester classes. We spent the day competing in different activities, exploring the greenhouse and members' projects inside, venturing out to the student-run cafĂ© for breakfast, and more. Aside from all of these moments, one of my favorite parts of the day was when the last class was joined by any interested students who had lunch that hour. While members ate nachos, played games, and caught up with friends, I chatted with them about their interests and hobbies, and even heard all about a group of friends’ upcoming country music concert plans. Eventually, I found myself over at the card table, watching students play a card game I had never tried before. Once they realized I didn’t know how to play, the group decided it was crucial that I be dealt in immediately to learn firsthand. I’m always up to try something new, so I pulled over a seat and listened intently as I looked at the cards they laid out in front of me.

Waunakee’s members reminded me of what it feels like to be invited in and encouraged to try new things that others are passionate about. I might not have won many rounds (aside from a few lucky hands in the beginning), but we laughed and joked along the way as I figured it out. After all was said and done, I realized that this card game serves as the perfect reminder of why I love chapter visits; while it’s technically my role to facilitate about FFA and leadership when I’m visiting, I often find myself learning from the students just as much. Sometimes it’s a new skill, like playing a card game. Other times, I’m able to hear about the projects and areas in agriculture that students are passionate about, like a member’s aquaponics project.

Growing ourselves and our skills is a two way street. When we’re working with others, it’s important that we be both the student willing to learn and the teacher eager to share - just like how learning a new card game requires someone offering to deal new players in and a beginner who’s willing to play a few open-hand rounds to learn the strategies. Let’s be willing to deal other people in on our fun experiences, our knowledge of agriculture, and what FFA means to us. That way, when they return the favor, we’re able to look at the new perspective or opportunity they’re offering up and wholeheartedly respond by asking them to deal us in.

Here’s to going all in on new opportunities,

Rhylie K. Gough
Smile. It's good for you.
Apr. 24, 2023
Cole Hicken - Treasurer
Waupun FFA Chapter
Section 6

Well, it’s that time of the year when Wisconsin weather gets goofy. We get one scorcher of a week, just to give us a taste of the summer upcoming, before the cold returns and snow bombards us once again. I’ve felt the true definition of spring fever these past few weeks, and I know that many of you have felt the same. Hand in hand with spring comes banquet season, and I’m fortunate enough to have been able to attend 8 chapter banquets up to this point for their end of the year celebration of success.
A bittersweet feeling for many with the joys and thrill of receiving awards, scholarships, proficiencies, recognition, etc. paired with the saddened feeling of the end to another year of FFA. Oftentimes, I view the banquet as a mini spring fever within itself. It’s an exhilarating feeling to prepare for and then receive recognition for all the hard work that you have put in over the past year. The absolute highest of highs, where you get the feeling that any cloud is within reach.
The tricky part comes when that night ends, when the lights go off, and tomorrow comes like a freight train lifting you back to reality. Following banquet, it can be difficult to see what direction is going to be best for you. Like the lull after that riveting week of 70-degree temperature, the grind to keep moving forward strikes and leaves many, like me, confused and questioning what the next steps towards success are. For seniors this comes paired with the feeling of graduation and that final push until the new chapter begins. For others, this means becoming an officer, entering high school, or show season, all amazing new opportunities for success.
When on the stage at a banquet it’s very easy to smile and be proud of everything that you have accomplished because of the award in your hand. But what I’ve found even more rewarding is continuously being proud of the hard work that leads up to any award. I’m challenging each of you to take on the lull after spring fever head on, and smile, work hard, and be proud of everything that you put your full effort into. No award or title will give you the same feeling that a smile on a cold day or laugh in the pouring rain does knowing that you’re doing something you truly love.

Keep pushing. Do your best. And ride this spring fever year-round.

I’m proud of you all,

Cole Hicken
State Treasurer
Section 6
Memories That Last a Lifetime
Apr. 19, 2023
Devani Hinkelmann - Vice President
Loyal FFA Chapter
Section 7

Here we are, the final stretch of the 2022-2023 FFA year. With less than two months left until State Convention, I can’t help but think back on everything that has happened this year. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget what has been happening. However, with the help of photos and videos, I’ve been able to go back and reflect on the year. Now, it would only be fair if I shared a couple of my favorite (or at least entertaining) memories from the year.

Back in September, our team traveled to the glorious Jag Lake FFA Camp. If you’ve ever been to Jag Lake, you know staying there is an experience of its own. However, this was not your ordinary retreat. Our time spent at Jag Lake consisted of more rain than sun. But, in our true team style, we did not let that stop us. Each night we were there, you could find us playing sand volleyball in the rain… with Mrs. Zimmerman! She was definitely the MVP by the way.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when Heidi, Casey, and myself were able to attend the UW-River Falls Regional Career Development Event. For those that did not see the weather for that day, we were bombarded with a lot of snow the night before. But, that didn’t stop the contest from running. Before I knew it, I found myself ankle deep in the snow… with official dress on. That’s right, ankle deep in snow with heels and nylons on. To top things off, we even took time to have a “photoshoot” in the parlor at UW-River Falls! Never thought I would find myself posing for photos in official dress in a parlor.

As members, we all have our own “highlight reels” of memories that we make during our FFA career. We all have that one photo or video that will always make us laugh. We always have that one “remember when” story that sticks with us for years and years. In these moments, remember to both capture the moment and soak it all in. Our time as an FFA member is limited, but the number of memories we can make within the organization are unlimited.

Wisconsin FFA, we are in our final stretch of the year. Remember to soak in and capture every single moment and enjoy the rest of the year!

See you all soon,
Devani A. Hinkelmann
End = New Beginning
Apr. 17, 2023
Brooke Casey - Vice President
New London FFA Chapter
Section 8

Wow it’s already mid-april! There are only less than two months until we will be in Madison for the 94th Wisconsin FFA State Convention! As the year has been wrapping up, there has been a lot to reflect on. Looking back on all the awesome conference that I was able to atten and be a part of, the leadership development events and career development events I have been able to attend, and now banquets that show a reflection of members achievements! It is so cool to be able to have watched so many people including myself grow so much over these last 10 months. One thing we need to remember is that although this school year and FFA year are coming to an end maybe until August or maybe forever, that just because this is end only means that we have new beginnings ahead.

Whether you’re moving up a grade, heading into high school, going off to college, or starting in the workforce, we all have so much ahead of us. Our year is quickly wrapping up but there is so much we can still accomplish as well! We can be a part of a community service project, host a chapter activity, or attend state convention where there are countless opportunities. We can all branch out before a new chapter starts whether that is running of chapter office, volunteering to compete in a different contest, or attending a new chapter event.

In these last two months, there is so much to be accomplished and I am looking forward to seeing a sea of blue soon! I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity and time with Wisconsin FFA and I am grateful for you all. Keep being amazing!

See you soon,

Brooke Casey
Wisconsin FFA State Vice President 2022-2023
In today’s fast-paced and cons
Apr. 13, 2023
Evan Mennen - Parliamentarian
Bay Port FFA Chapter
Section 9

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world, being competitive has become more crucial than ever. Competition is not just about winning; it is about continuously striving to become better and achieve excellence. Being competitive can drive us to improve our skills and knowledge. For example, when we compete in Leadership or Career Development Events, it allows us to gather an assortment of skills that will not only benefit us in the specific competition, but we can also use these throughout our life. When we are competing with others, we are constantly pushed to do better and work harder. We are forced to step out of our comfort zones and take risks to stay ahead of the competition. This mindset of continuous improvement can lead to personal growth and development.

Competition can also help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. When we compete with others, we get a clear picture of where we stand in comparison to our peers. This allows us to identify where we need to improve and work on them to become better. It also helps us leverage our strengths.

Being competitive can teach us important life skills such as resilience, perseverance, and determination. When we face setbacks and failures, it is our competitive spirit that keeps us going. We learn to bounce back from setbacks and stay motivated to never give up.

FFA members, being competitive is not just about winning; it is about striving to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. Competition drives us to improve our skills, identify our strengths and weaknesses, and teaches us important life skills that are essential for success. Let us embrace competition, not as a threat, but as an opportunity to grow, learn, and achieve our full potential!
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