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State Convention Press Releases

Officer Releases
Section 1 State Officer (docx)
Section 2 State Officer (docx)
Section 3 State Officer (docx)
Section 4 State Officer (docx)
Section 5 State Officer (docx)
Section 6 State Officer (docx)
Section 7 State Officer (docx)
Section 8 State Officer (docx)
Section 9 State Officer (docx)
Section 10 State Officer (docx)
State FFA President (docx)
State FFA Officer Team (docx)

Star Awards
Star in Agribusiness - Brzezinski (docx)
Star in Agribusiness Finalist - Pulver (docx)
Star in Agri Business Finalist - Beaulieu (docx)
Star in Agri Business Finalist - Woodworth (docx)
Star in Agribusiness Finalist - Reimer (docx)
Star in Agriscience - Reed (docx)
Star in Agriscience Finalist- Konkel (docx)
Star in Agriscience Finalist - Russell (docx)
Star Farmer - Makos (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Fischer (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Hammann (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Konkel (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Lobdell (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Lulich (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Nett (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Riley (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Vondra (docx)
Star Farmer Finalist - Zimmerman (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement - Hoesly (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Cauffman.Moreno (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Davis (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Gorman (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Russell (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Kroll (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Lancaster (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Senn (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Swanke (docx)
Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist - Zimmerman (docx)

Proficiency Award Winners
Agricultural Education Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Communications Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Mechanical Design and Fabrication Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Mechanical Repair and Maintenance Placement Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance (E) (docx)
Agricultural Processing Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Sales Placement Proficiency (docx)
Agricultural Service Proficiency (docx)
Agriscience Research Integrated Systems Proficiency (docx)
Beef Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency (docx)
Beef Production Placement Proficiency (docx)
Dairy Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency (docx)
Dairy Production Placement Proficiency (docx)
Diversified Agricultural Production Proficiency (docx)
Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency (docx)
Diversified Crop Production Placement Proficiency (docx)
Diversified Horticulture Proficiency (docx)
Diversified Livestock Proficiency (docx)
Environmental Science & Natural Resources Proficiency (docx)
Equine Science Entrepreneurship Proficiency (docx)
Equine Science Placement Proficiency (docx)
Fiber & Oil Crop Production Proficiency (docx)
Food Service Proficiency (docx)
Forage Production Proficiency (docx)
Forest Management Proficiency (docx)
Fruit Production Proficiency (docx)
Goat Production Proficiency (docx)
Grain Production Combined Proficiency (docx)
Service Learning Proficiency (docx)
Landscape Management Proficiency (docx)
Nursery Operations Proficiency (docx)
Organic Agriculture Proficiency (docx)
Poultry Production Proficiency (docx)
Sheep Production Proficiency (docx)
Small Animal Care and Production Proficiency (docx)
Specialty Animal Care and Production Proficiency (docx)
Specialty Crop Proficiency (docx)
Swine Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency (docx)
Swine Production Placement Proficiency (docx)
Turf Grass Management Proficiency (docx)
Vegetable Production Proficiency (docx)
Veterinary Science Proficiency (docx)
Wildlife Management Proficiency (docx)

General Releases
Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships (docx)
Convention Overview (docx)
Food For America (docx)
Three Star Leaders Award (docx)
FFA Facts (docx)
Three Star Leader Award - Individual (docx)
National Chapter Overall (docx)
National Chapter Three Categories (docx)
Junior High Essay Contest (docx)
Scholarships (pdf)
State Degrees - Individual (docx)
State Degrees - All Names (docx)
Talent (docx)
Agriscience Fair (docx)
Land Evaluation CDE (docx)
Membership Awards (docx)
PRIDE (docx)