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Convention Delegate Information

Each year at the Wisconsin FFA State Convention, the Wisconsin Association of FFA conducts an annual business session with the chapters within the state association. Every FFA chapter is allowed two official voting delegates to participate in the Official Business Session at the Wisconsin FFA Convention.

The delegate business for 2020-2021 was completed virtually through a voting form of which chapters could submit two voting entries, one per delegate. Business items within the form included approval of the 2021 State FFA Degree recipients, the 2021-2022 State FFA Budget, and the business proposal provided below.

Delegate Round for State Officer Candidates - Wednesday, July 7

At the 92nd Wisconsin FFA Convention, every chapter has the opportunity to provide two members to participate in an interview round with the state officer candidates from their Section. On Wednesday, July 7, a schedule of times will be provided for the two delegates from each chapter to report to a specific meeting room to participate in one of the interviews with the state officer candidates from their section.

If you are not attending convention in-person, we will also be providing information so that two of your delegate members can participate in this event virtually. Although this process looks different than in the past and this round of interviews will not be the sole deciding factor for selecting the state officers, it is still important that your delegates' voices are heard as it will be incorporated into the overall judging process. More information including links to join virtually will be coming soon with the specific details.

Candidate Schedule Room Delegate Schedule
Section 1 10:30 Wingra 10:15
Section 2 10:00 Monona 9:45
Section 3 11:00 Wingra 10:45
Section 4 8:30 Monona 8:15
Section 5 8:30 Wingra 8:15
Section 6 10:30 Monona 10:15
Section 7 11:30 Monona 11:15
Section 8 12:00 Monona 11:45
Section 9 9:30 Wingra 9:15
Section 10 12:00 Wingra 11:45

Business Items