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Lashawna Vogel - Reporter
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) are each placement SAEs but they are in three different areas, agricultural communications, agricultural education, and food service. For my agricultural communication SAE, I write and edit newspaper articles about my chapter's events and ag topics for the local newspaper, I take pictures and organize them in photo storage apps, I create social media posts using graphic design tools, I work with my FFA Alumni & Supporters chapter to publish their quarterly newsletter, and I update my chapter website. In my agricultural education SAE, I was the After School Agriculture Program leader, and I assisted with events at the early childhood center, elementary and middle schools. Starting in March 2020, I took this program virtual to continue reaching younger students through the program while everyone was learning from home. Additionally, my food service SAE has me working at a local restaurant where I maintain a food-safe environment and fulfill customer orders.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
I am most looking forward to chapter visits and Sectional Leadership Workshops (SLWs); while a middle and high school FFA member, these were my favorite events because I was able to interact with state officers. Now serving as a state officer, I would like to meet members from each section and talk with members at each of my chapter visits! Another reason I am very excited about SLWs and chapter visits is because I want to see what unique events chapters throughout Wisconsin do and their success in these events. Finally, with many events happening in person again, I can't wait to see how passionate and excited all of you are about this organization and ag education.
Describe your perfect summer day:
My perfect summer day would entail hanging out with friends and going on fun adventures! Think about how fun it would be not to have to worry about a thing and be able to enjoy a nice relaxing day in Wisconsin, including the perfect weather conditions of mid-seventies and no humidity. Also, going on fun adventures with friends would definitely be the highlight of the perfect day for me. For me, a fun adventure would be checking out a local waterfall or heading up to Cave Point County Park in Door County to take in all that nature has to offer.
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
For me there hasn't been one particular item I keep in my FFA jacket pocket, but many have been in my jacket pocket over time. I always wanted to have that one thing to keep in my jacket pocket for good luck, a friendly reminder, or for another reason. Much like how people change as they grow their experiences, the items in my jacket pockets have changed as I tried new things in FFA. For example, right now I have a little note a good friend of mine wrote for me as I prepared for my state office interviews. Before this I have had numerous other things in my pocket to remember the fun I had at events, a piece of confetti from a past state FFA convention, a workshop ticket from Sectional Leadership Workshops, and one of the keys you receive on your last night at the Washington Leadership Conference just to name a few. Every few months I look through my pockets- I remember the memories made specific to each item and I take these items out of my pocket and find something new that will have a new meaning and purpose.

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