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Joe Schlies - Parliamentarian
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience:

My Agricultural Communications SAE consists of coordinating various FFA events, posting pictures on the FFA social media account, and previously managing public relations in my home chapter. Within my Agricultural Education SAE I actively participate in our Food for America events and have created my own after school agricultural education program. In this program, I educate students from preschool through fifth grade about various agricultural products on a bi-monthly/monthly schedule. My Home/Community Development SAE consists of the time coordinating various community events like my Living to Serve Plan and volunteering at a local horse stable. Additionally, my foundational SAE incorporates the time I help feed steers and calves on my parents’ hobby farm and landscaping in my community.

What it is your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Growing up I always enjoyed snowmobiling with my family. In fact, I only completed one DNR safety course when I was in middle school and that was snowmobile safety. Usually, my dad would drive our snowmobile pulling my siblings and I behind in an innertube. We would often fall off as he enjoyed doing cheerios with the tube while we were in it. After a few hours of snowmobiling in the morning, we headed in for lunch usually in our heated pole shed. I always froze when snowmobiling, so the first place I went to when we took a break was by our kerosene heater. Not thinking one day, I didn’t take off my snowpants when standing in front of the heater and began to feel my legs getting really hot. I looked down and noticed my snowpants had a big melted hole in them. Unfortunately, I had to get a new pair of snow pants, but funny memories like these are what made winter enjoyable with family and friends.

If you could go back and do one more FFA event that you never did during high school, what would it be?

 Looking back, my experience as an FFA member will be one I will never forget and enjoyed every event I participated in. However, if I had the opportunity to do one more event, it’s simple - compete in extemporaneous speaking or discussion meet. Starting in 7th grade, I competed in my first Leadership Development Event, Quiz Bowl, and that was only the start. After competing in all the LDEs except Extemporaneous Speaking and Discussion Meet, I wish I would have tried all of them. In the moment, I didn’t have the ambition to try these events because I kept telling myself I was never going to be able to succeed - forgetting the whole point of competing in a LDE. Even if I wouldn’t have been successful in either of these two competitions, I am certain I wouldn’t have regretted it. If you are competing in a LDE this year, don’t focus on being successful, instead pivot your attention on doing your best and putting in the effort to grow personally. Success will follow you.

Looking back on the first half of the year, what is one goal you have for the second half?

The good ‘ol quote “time flies when you’re having fun” never disappoints. To think that we are more than half-way done with this year is unbelievable. Looking in the rear view mirror, our association has many accomplishments to be proud of. A goal of mine to wrap up this unforgettable year includes attending 24 chapter events with having 24 chapters in our section. Besides chapter visits and banquets, I think being able to connect with members at the local level is how I can make a bigger impact. I undeniably enjoy having a conversation with a member at a chapter meeting or workday and have noticed how members involvement have increased from this one conversation.

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