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Lashawna Vogel - Reporter
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) are each placement SAEs but they are in three different areas, agricultural communications, agricultural education, and food service. For my agricultural communication SAE, I write and edit newspaper articles about my chapter's events and ag topics for the local newspaper, I take pictures and organize them in photo storage apps, I create social media posts using graphic design tools, I work with my FFA Alumni & Supporters chapter to publish their quarterly newsletter, and I update my chapter website. In my agricultural education SAE, I was the After School Agriculture Program leader, and I assisted with events at the early childhood center, elementary and middle schools. Starting in March 2020, I took this program virtual to continue reaching younger students through the program while everyone was learning from home.
If there is one opportunity you'd recommend checking out at the 93rd Wisconsin FFA Convention, what would it be?
Don't miss out on watching the pre-session band and choir concerts at the 93rd Wisconsin FFA Convention! If you are in the band or choir, way to go on being part of this amazing experience. The concerts are so much fun to watch and listen to, they play and sing a huge variety of songs, include someone from sections 1 through 10, and will get you up on your feet singing and dancing! All FFA members who are in the band or choir have put in a lot of work leading up to convention and during the week of convention so don't forget to support their efforts!
What's one of the greatest lessons you've learned serving as a State FFA Officer?
From serving as a State FFA Officer, the greatest lesson I've learned is to appreciate the small moments the same, if not more than the larger ones. While small moments often seem insignificant, they have impacted me this year more than I can imagine. Just from simple conversations you can learn so much and be forever changed, which is what I appreciated the most about serving as a State FFA Officer.
What are you most looking forward to this summer?
I'm excited to travel across Wisconsin and see some state and county parks, especially one of my favorite parks: Cave Point County Park! Before my sophomore year of high school, my family would go camping often during the summer and I am hopeful we will be able to get back to it this summer. My favorite memories of camping are simply spending time by the campfire and roasting s'mores. In addition to camping, I look forward to spending time with my friends because we can't see each other very often during the school year with each of us attending college far from each other.
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