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Joe Schlies - Parliamentarian
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My Agricultural Communications SAE consists of coordinating various FFA events, posting pictures on the FFA social media account, and previously managing public relations in my home chapter. Within my Agricultural Education SAE I actively participate in our Food for America events and have created my own after school agricultural education program. In this program, I educate students from preschool to fifth grade about various agricultural products on a bi-monthly/monthly schedule. My Home/Community Development SAE consists of the time coordinating various community events like my Living to Serve Plan and volunteering at a local horse stable. Additionally, my foundational SAE incorporates the time I help feed steers and calves on my parents' hobby farm and landscaping in my community.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
In 2016, I had the opportunity to embark on a journey to the Washington Leadership Conference (WLC), the largest conference held by the National FFA organization. From this, my life will forever be changed as I was able to develop relationships with fellow members from across the state and country as well as realizing no matter how small or big their goals are, everyone can make a difference.
What was your favorite summer activity growing up?
Each year during the summer I always enjoy going camping with some family friends of mine at the New Prospect Horseriders Campground. We go horse camping with miniature horses and drive them with carts on over 33 miles of horse trails. This time is always spent having fun, relaxing, and enjoying nature.
What is one thing you are looking forward to as a state officer?
I have great enthusiasm to serve as a Wisconsin FFA State Officer. A great reflection of why I am serving is stated in the last line of the FFA motto: "Living to serve." I am excited to serve as a state officer for the betterment of the FFA members and our association as a whole. While the Wisconsin Association of FFA has remarkably allowed me to personally grow for a successful future, I believe I can develop the next generation of leaders by helping members across the state experience, online and in-person, the wide range of events and opportunities the FFA has to offer. From participating in a Career Development Event to having a Supervised Agricultural Experience, each member is unique and has the potential of becoming our future leaders in agriculture. I want to help FFA members develop into superior leaders by acting as a mentor for them through sharing my experiences and helping them find their purpose. As a state officer, I will continue giving my full effort in making sure each member feels included and connected with the FFA, no matter if I am at a chapter visit, a sectional event, or a state activity. Throughout schooling, I have noticed and have seen the negative impacts of feeling excluded in a school event. Consequently, the FFA organization has a special place for each of its members and I want to help members find their essential role in the FFA and agriculture.
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