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Katrina Hoesly - Parliamentarian
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience
I currently have two Supervised Agricultural Experiences in Dairy Production Placement and Beef Production Placement. Growing up on Bur-Rodz Registered Holsteins, my family's dairy farm of 55 registered Holsteins, a dairy production SAE came naturally. My primary duty is to manage the calf care but I also mix feed rations, give vaccinations, treat illnesses, and milk the herd regularly. I work with our breeder to ensure strong pedigrees and longevity throughout the herd and with our nutritionist to verify a stable ration for our herd. At Kvitek Farms, a 120-cow dairy, I work with a new perspective of dairy farming. I learned different skills and practices from Kvitek Farms and used that knowledge to understand the diversity of dairy farming. My beef production SAE is at Baycroft Wagyu, where I maintain overall herd health by cleaning pens, feeding cattle, vaccinating, and updating health records. My SAEs have allowed me to find a career path in the dairy industry that I am passionate about.
If you had to summarize your year of service thus far in three words, what would they be? Why?
I would describe my year of service as grateful, unstoppable, and inspiring. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to work alongside 9 amazing teammates as we work fully and endlessly to serve you, Wisconsin FFA! This opportunity is truly once-in-a-lifetime, and I am taking in every moment. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with such talented and outstanding members to help them grow within their FFA journey and watch them step up to the plate and be unstoppable. Walking into this year, we all knew that we would face challenges and setbacks. However, Wisconsin FFA is unstoppable in everything we do. My teammates have shown time and time again that no matter what the situation, we are here to serve, and when there is a will, there is a way. With each opportunity that has been presented to members, they never fail to make the most out of the situation. They are continuing to do amazing things in their communities, and I am inspired every day by their perseverance. The dedication, hard work, and leadership that Wisconsin FFA members hold are so inspiring, and I work harder every day so that I can serve them fully. You have all inspired me to work harder to become a better person and a better servant leader. Thank you for an amazing start to my year of service and I am so grateful for such inspiring and unstoppable members!
What is one goal you have for the last half of your year as a state officer?
The past half-year of service has been a dream come true. I know that nothing has looked like we thought it would, but I am beyond proud of FFA members as you all have kept a smile on your face as we all reinvent what connecting looks like and keep adapting to everything that is thrown at us. My goal for the second half of the year is to continue to serve you all and connect with more FFA members. You are the reason I am here today! I want to assist you in any way possible throughout your FFA journey and make this an unforgettable year! Through Fall Leadership Workshops and FIRE Conference, I have become so amazed by the outstanding work Wisconsin FFA members are doing across the state. Throughout the rest of my year of service, I will serve whole-heartedly in order to create as many opportunities for FFA members! There will be some amazing things happening this spring and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!
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