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Joe Schlies - Parliamentarian
Denmark FFA Chapter - Section 9
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My Agricultural Communications SAE consists of coordinating various FFA events, posting pictures on the FFA social media account, and previously managing public relations in my home chapter. Within my Agricultural Education SAE I actively participate in our Food for America events and have created my own after school agricultural education program. In this program, I educate students from preschool through fifth grade about various agricultural products on a bi-monthly/monthly schedule. My Home/Community Development SAE consists of the time coordinating various community events like my Living to Serve Plan and volunteering at a local horse stable. Additionally, my foundational SAE incorporates the time I help feed steers and calves on my parents' hobby farm and landscaping in my community.
What is your favorite summer activity?
The beginning of summer starts off with June Dairy Month which is a pretty solid excuse for me to enjoy my favorite summer activity quite often. Going to the local ice cream shop or gas station for some fresh ice cream is something my family does often on summer nights and it is by far my favorite thing to do during summertime. Picture it being 65 degrees, air is calm, sun is setting, and you are eating some fresh Cedar Crest ice cream to wrap up a day of work. How can it get any better?
If you were an ag teacher, what would be your favorite class to teach and why?
Traveling from school to school this year, there is no doubt ag teachers have a whole bunch of classes they offer. However, if I were an ag teacher, my favorite class to teach would probably be ag business. It's a class I was never able to take in high school but it interests me. I really enjoyed all of my business classes throughout high school and they always came in on a close second to ag classes. Combining both subjects makes the prize package that would be awesome to teach!
What is one lesson you've learned from your experience as a state officer this year?
This experience as a state office has taught me quite a bit to say the least, but one lesson that sticks out to me is knowing you always have time for others. Before state office I would often find myself so worried of what was next on my to-do list that I would tell my family or friends I didn't have time to go bowling, hang out, or go to a basketball game. I then realized I was never able to get back those times, so I came into this year telling myself I always have time. And it proved to me that I always have time for others. This could be spending extra time to talk to someone, calling them, texting them, or just having some fun. If I had a paper due that was coming up, I knew that with a little work ethic I was going to complete it in time to the best I could. There are some events in life that happen only once for a set amount of time versus some things in life that have a range of time for you to complete. It just depends how you are able to manage that time between those two differences. You always have time for others.
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