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Lydia Rasmussen - Vice President
Pulaski FFA Chapter - Section 8
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My SAE is Dairy Entrepreneurship. Over the past 6 years I have grown, and showed Dairy show cattle across the Midwest. I first began by showing for one farm in my area and taking them to my county fair. As I became more involved with dairy I began showing for other farms in my area. My process would consist of taking the cattle to my show facility, raising and grooming for shows, and ultimately showing the cattle to gain All American points.  This past spring during the quarantine my mother and I purchased two calves on our own. Our first is Palmyra Timothy L Bethany, an Ayrshire fall calf from Maryland. She was in the National March Madness sale, as well as calved at the famous Palmyra farm. It has been such an amazing experience watching her grow into herself and winning a few shows this summer along the way. Then in June we purchased our Red and White Spring calf. We had a whirlwind with finding out what she truly is with genomic tests. She is a Jordy which we are very happy about as well as she is from a great line of famous cows with great scoring udders. We have been working hard with them to grow and make sure they look great for each show that we are going too. The Ayrshire has won her class at most of her shows, as well as continuously being puller for Junior champion of the national shows. Not having our other calf very long she hasn't been able to show as much but at the county fair she was reserve junior champion as well as was on away from being honorable mention at a national junior show in Iowa.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
I am most looking forward to meeting and connecting with the members! Throughout middle and high school, I always looked forward to meeting the State Officers. I have made great friendships with my sections past state officers and meeting people through them as well. One of my biggest reasons I applied to be a State Officer is I want to be a resource that anyone can come to me, and make a difference in our members lives. My goal is to connect with each and every member and help them become the best person they can be!
Describe your perfect summer day:
My perfect summer day would have to be a comfortable 86 degrees, UV being a 6 or higher (for a good tan), and sitting on the lake! During the summer if I'm not in the barn walking cows, I hope to be on Shawano lake inner tubing, wakeboarding, or hitting the waves on the Jet ski. Since I was a kid my parents have always taken my brother and I out on the lake, it's our little way to get away from reality. My brother and I are very competitive so we are always making up new games or wages on who can stay on the inner tube longer. Fortunately being the smarter younger sister, I have learned most of his tricks he uses to knock me off.. All I have to do is lean into his side, and he's a goner!
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
One item I have kept in my jacket is a wooden block I got from my first year at my first fire conference.. The block represents my beginnings in FFA, where it all started for me. On each side we wrote down what was important to us, and other things to signify who we were. Going to the different conferences, there were so many different objects and significant things we all can carry with us. For me, I always want to remind myself of where I've come from, and the people who have gotten me to where I am today.
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