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Brooke Casey - Vice President
New London FFA Chapter - Section 8
Supervised Agriculture Experience:
My freshman year of high school, I bought a three month old filly that I loved ever since she was born. Shortly after buying her I moved her to a different place closer to home so that I was able to spend more time training her. Over the last three years, I have trained her everything up to being able to be ridden which makes up my Equine Entrepreneurship SAE. My other SAE is Veterinary Science. When I was 15 years old, I started working at the Wolf River Veterinary Clinic as a Kennel Attendant and took care of boarding animals and sometimes helped the veterinary technicians with simple duties, but after spending more time with the veterinary assistants and technicians I was promoted to Veterinary Assistant after working there for a year and a half. As a Veterinary Assistant I assist the doctors with appointments, draw blood, give vaccines, and take x-rays.
What's one thing you are looking forward to this year?
One thing that I am looking forward to this year is being able to interact with so many members while doing chapter visits and facilitating at Halftime and Fall Leadership Workshops. I always looked forward to conferences and chapter visits in high school since I loved being able to meet more FFA members and learn something new. As it seems I still to this day am excited for the same as well as being able to help others learn something new.
What's your fondest FFA memory?
One of my fondest FFA memories is when the officer team for my chapter my sophomore year went to Jag Lake and we spent four days together working on ways to improve our chapter as a whole as well as bonding. It was my first FFA officer team that I was on and it was so amazing being able to spend time with people that care about our chapter as much I did. The officer retreat taught me a lot about teamwork and we were able to find ways to make our chapter better for the members which is what was my favorite part.
How do you like to spend your free time?
In my free time I enjoy going to work, sounds crazy but I love working at the Veterinary Clinic and at the local western store. After work however, I go and work with my horse to teach her something new or just work on skills I have already taught her. This summer I especially enjoyed taking a trail ride around the land with my friend to start to get my horse used to being ridden outside of a fenced in area. Lastly, I enjoy deer hunting in the fall and walleye fishing in the spring with my brother and dad.
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