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Lydia Williams - Reporter
Shawano FFA Chapter - Section 8
Supervised Agricultural Experience:

As someone who grew up in town, I was never really exposed to production agriculture. My mom grew up on a dairy farm, and I learned a little about that side of agriculture from the stories she told me about her childhood. I always wanted to know more, and I got the chance to explore all areas of agriculture when I began to take different agricultural classes in high school. Wanting to share the joy I felt when I learned about where our food comes from or how a cow is milked, I decided to re-write a program my school once used in the fourth-grade curriculum called Adventures in Dairyland. The interactive program is designed to teach young students about agriculture in Wisconsin. I decided to make the material more hands-on and activity-based so the students would be more engaged. I then started to teach the program with other members from my chapter at the Boys and Girls Club at our intermediate school.

What it is your favorite thing to do in the winter?

When I was a little girl, my dad always wanted to get outside and ride snowmobiles around in the winter. It took awhile for me to learn how to drive a snowmobile. I ran over our firepit with one once. I also went off a jump and buried our Ski Doo in a snowbank, but eventually I got the hang of it. I have been in love with hitting the trails since then! Although the snow is not quite cooperating with us this year, as soon as there is enough, I know that my dad and I will be out zipping around on the sleds.

If you could go back and do one more FFA event that you never did during high school, what would it be?

There is so much more I wish I would have done in high school! I had a late start in my FFA career, and I did not get too involved until my sophomore year. An event I wish I would have done is Creed Speaking my freshman year, and then Extemporaneous Speaking the rest of high school. Leadership Development Events are so helpful when it comes to your communication abilities. I believe had I been in these contests, it would have been much easier for me to speak in front of others and I would have gained a lot more confidence!

Looking back on the first half of the year, what is one goal you have for the second half?

I cannot believe that this year is already halfway done! For the next few months I want to focus on continuing to live in the moment. One of my favorite quotes is one by Dr. Suess, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” I have had so many amazing days this past year, but instead of letting time pass by I need to value each moment I get. I want to continue to live each day with excitement! Yes, I will probably be pretty stressed some days, but I am blessed to have these next few months to continue meeting the bright faces of Wisconsin FFA.

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