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Katie Loehrke - Secretary
Weyauwega-Fremont FFA Chapter - Section 8
Supervised Agricultural Experience
My love for agriculture started when I was young, through my first Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) of growing up on my family's beef hobby farm of crossbreed beef. Over the years I took on more supervised agricultural experiences. Those included - agricultural education through giving different demonstrations and activities with each grade level at my local school district; Home and/or Community Development, now known as Service Learning, through a Whitetail deer hide community collection called Hides for Heroes where the hides were then sold, and proceeds given to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation to go on guided hunting and fishing trips; and my most recent SAE of dairy production placement where I milk cows, do feeding, and other farm tasks at a local registered Holstein dairy farm. Today, my most active SAE's include Beef Placement and Dairy Placement.
If you had to summarize your year of service thus far in three words, what would they be? Why?
DON'T STOP NOW. Let me explain. This year has been nothing short of a dream. A dream not only to serve as a Wisconsin State Officer and serve the wonderful members across the state, but also to see how adaptive and creative FFA members are! No matter what barriers were thrown at our members, they are finding a ways to be #UNSTOPPABLE and making a difference in their schools and communities! I know that these things will only become greater and more impactful as we head into the next part of this year! Personally, it seems that I have an on-going, never-ending to-do list of FFA work. However, those to-do items are endless opportunities that I can continue to work on, improve, and make new ones. From providing virtual leadership conferences, many team zoom meetings, sharing the good about this organization on social media, or even trying to figure out how to safely and effectively put on Leadership Development Events, it has been busy but oh, so rewarding! I feel that I can always, and should, add new items to the list. I want to continue to push myself to do amazing things in the world of FFA! I am so honored and blessed to be serving in this position with some truly awesome teammates! Don't stop now will resonate with me as we carry on to the last part of my year of service!
What is one goal you have for the last half of your year as a state officer?
My goal for the last half of this year as a state officer is to be the officer I looked up to as a member in Middle and High School. Those individuals that I met, had conversations with, or even just knew of because of social media, were inspirational and made such an impact on me and my life. I only hope that I can make a difference on others just as past state officers have made on me. Specifically, my goals include adding more content to the sectional social media pages to showcase the wonderful work of Wisconsin FFA and the members in Section Eight! From here on out, I would like to join each chapter in my section for an event, whether it be virtual or in-person! I am so excited and can't wait to see where these next few months will take us! I know some great things are already in the works and the calendar will just keep getting busier from here on out!
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