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Lydia Williams - Reporter
Shawano FFA Chapter - Section 8
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
As someone who grew up in town, I was never really exposed to production agriculture. My mom grew up on a dairy farm, and I learned a little about that side of agriculture from the stories she told me about her childhood. I always wanted to know more, and I got the chance to explore all areas of agriculture when I began to take different agricultural classes in high school. Wanting to share the joy I felt when I learned about where our food comes from or how a cow is milked, I decided to re-write a program my school once used in the fourth-grade curriculum called Adventures in Dairyland. The interactive program is designed to teach young students about agriculture in Wisconsin. I decided to make the material more hands-on and activity-based so the students would be more engaged. I then started to teach the program with other members from my chapter at the Boys and Girls Club at our intermediate school.
What is your favorite summer activity?
I am always ready to go on any adventure during the summer, but I think my favorite thing to do is go fishing. For the past few summers I have been road-tripping to Canada with my uncles and cousins for a few weeks. We load up two trucks with all of our poles, bait, a lot of snacks and, the trailers are loaded with boats and the fourwheelers, then off we go on our twelve hour trip up north. We spend the week on the lakes catching a ton of walleye and northern. It is a blast!
If you were an ag teacher, what would be your favorite class to teach and why?
My favorite class to teach would be Middle School Agriculture! I love so many different topics, and it would be a blast to introduce all of the younger students to agriculture and the FFA.
What is one lesson you've learned from your experience as a state officer this year?
I have learned so much over this past year! One lesson that I think I have learned is that it is okay to be nervous. I always thought that being nervous was a bad thing, but it is not at all. I am a nervous person when it comes to speaking in front of people, playing sports, and when it comes to doing just about anything. However, what I have come to see, is that it is fine that I am that way. It means that I care about what I am doing!
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