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Daniel Clark - Vice President
Spencer FFA Chapter - Section 7
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
I started my SAE with working in our school’s high tunnel greenhouse. I was able to grow vegetables and fruits all summer while making sure weeds didn’t infest my harvests. It was a very fun experience getting to work with two of my close friends and it made it not even feel like work at all. All of the crops were able to go to our school lunch program and provided several hundred pounds of nutritious food for the students of Spencer Public School. 
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
National Convention is always an amazing time with even better memories that come after. The last few years I have had the opportunity to help with the national officer selection process. The national officer nominating committee extensively looks at all of the candidates and ends up choosing the new officer team. Part of the interview process involves the candidates giving a workshop to a group of ten students. I was honored to be a part of those students. This is easily one of the coolest experiences I have ever had not only in FFA but through all of life.
What was your favorite summer activity growing up?
As I was growing up it was part of life to go fishing as much as possible. It all started in my neighborhood pond but as I grew up I became a little more adventurous and switched from fishing for bluegills and crappies to muskies. My love for muskies began last year after my first 20 inch muskie and then three fish later I was able to bring up a 48 inch monster.
What is one thing you are looking forward to as a state officer?
I LOVE meeting new people! I'm looking forward to all of the leadership conferences and conventions that I will get to attend and hope that all of you will be there too!
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