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Cole Hicken - Treasurer
Waupun FFA Chapter - Section 6
Supervised Agriculture Experience:
Throughout high school I maintained an SAE in the Landscape Management proficiency area. I worked for Rens Nursery, a local nursery and landscaping company. Through my work, I developed new landscapes, tore out old projects, worked in sales on the lot, and everything in between. For the past couple years of employment I've had the opportunity to lead my own crew and learn the logistical mindset behind running a small business.
What's one thing you are looking forward to this year?
Being able to expand my connections with fellow members throughout the state! Meeting, greeting, and learning the story of others is one of my favorite things in life. 
What's your fondest FFA memory?
Wearing my own FFA jacket for the first time to SLW as a sophomore. Seeing my name stitched in Corn Gold cursive is something that will always stick with me. It showed me that even though I was matching with all of the members around me, I still was unique and had my own story to tell.
How do you like to spend your free time?
I am a huge sports fanatic, and if I'm not playing intramurals, shooting hoops, or crushing some cornhole, I'm watching whatever I can find on tv. I'm a big time Wisconsin sports fan so if they're playing they will definitely win priority. But really it's just the pleasure of seeing competition at the highest level, what an art.
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