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Jared Mack - Secretary
Sauk Prairie FFA Chapter - Section 6
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
When I grew up I didn’t come from a farm or have any background in production agriculture. Instead, I was raised in a rural subdivision. In my 8th grade Introduction to Agriculture class, I thought to myself, "What would I do for my SAE?". I realized after talking to my advisor that I already had a foundational SAE raising backyard chickens, managing lawns, and taking care of my parent’s wildlife property. Later in high school, I had the opportunity to gain knowledge in production agriculture by raising and showing swine and dairy heifers. As a state officer, I look forward to meeting with FFA members to help them discover a foundational SAE and become immersed in their programs.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
Our Fourth Grade Food for America program was by far one of my favorite activities at our local level. Each year we would invite all 200 fourth graders in our school district out to a local farm. My favorite station that I worked at was teaching about the animals at the petting zoo. I remember how excited the students would be when they would get to pet and learn about the animals. My biggest impact was seeing the students smile while I taught them a little about agriculture.
What was your favorite summer activity growing up?
For me, showing at my county fair was always my highlight during the summer. When I was young I started showing chickens. As I got older, I wanted to show bigger livestock and had the opportunity to start raising pigs at a friends’ farm. Later in my showing career, I also was able to show dairy for a couple of years. I didn’t have much knowledge or experience in production agriculture, but the families that let me come to their farms gave me so much more than knowledge. They helped teach and show me the importance of how family farms impact agriculture. I’m proud to say that my time at the county fair was filled with great laughter, new friendships, and many life lessons learned.
What is one thing you are looking forward to as a state officer?
Every FFA member has a unique aspect to show about themselves. As I travel the state I want to make as many connections with FFA members as I can. With each of our unique aspects, I want to showcase these hidden talents and help FFA members find these talents within themselves. This next year I look forward to sitting in FFA member audiences and watching their hidden talents unfold.
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