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Aubrey Schlimgen - Sentinel
Marshall FFA Chapter - Section 5
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My SAE is dairy production placement, where I grew up on my family's farm (Schlimgen Farms). My Mom Jackie and I have always milked cows while my brothers and Dad take care of the others chores and tasks at hand. I have helped partake in many things on the farm besides milking cows like feeding calves, vaccinating our beef herd and calves. Bedding and just basic caretaking of the whole herd. Along with that I have now started to learn the process of documenting our newly registered jersey herd and hope to improve upon that. Another SAE I dabble in is Ag Sales. With our Angus Cross Beef herd we sold beef privately for years, but now I have taken our sales to the public eye at farmers markets or social media.
If there is one opportunity you'd recommend checking out at the 93rd Wisconsin FFA Convention, what would it be?
There are so many opportunities at the Wisconsin State FFA convention, but one opportunity that I highly suggest checking out is making it to as many sessions as possible. The sessions are really the heart and soul of the convention and we celebrate and recognize so many talented individuals. But when you are attending them make sure you bring all the hype! One of my favorite things about the sessions was cheering on the State Officers and my friends who put so much hard work into their projects and putting on a fun Convention. Plus it's the FFA so who doesn't love to get a little rowdy! The energy in that convention hall is undescribable until you experience it, so bring the excitement because it will for sure be worth it.
What's one of the greatest lessons you've learned serving as a State FFA Officer?
One of the greatest lessons I learned as a State FFA officer is that life is going to throw you many obstacles, but learning how to rise above them and continue on, truly determines who you are. I used to be a person who did not like to change one bit. But right before I was elected I was hit with the biggest obstacle of my life, and I almost wanted to give up completely and it left questioning my abilities to serve. But with the help of my teammates, the FFA members and wonderful community support I was able to rise above and work on moving forward. Even as more unfortunate events unfolded throughout the year I had to be flexible and know that anything can happen in the future, so it's ok that things change, and that life isn't going to go just like you've planned it. But it also taught me that time is very precious so make it worth it.
What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Summer back in the day on the farm used to be called "Farm School" by my dad. But now that I'm out of high school and us kids have grown up quite a bit it's just another day on the farm. Which is why I am looking forward to many things this summer. Some things include, all the fairs which are probably my most favorite, and showing my steers and dairy heifers. Having bonfires, lots of family parties, and get-togethers. Going to Tractor and truck pulls and town festivals. Milking cows and harvesting Crops all summer is also a huge affair on the farm. Along with hopefully attending some baseball games and Concerts as well. But most of all just being able to go get ice cream at DQ or Culvers (custard I know), or go chill at riverbend Campground in Watertown with my Great Grandma and Great grandpa. I'll also be chaperoning some of the Marshall FFA summer ag events as a new Alumni member!
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