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Emily Sheehan - Sentinel
Parkview FFA Chapter - Section 5
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
I grew up on a registered holstein dairy farm and it is there that I found my love for agriculture. I moved to Wisconsin in 8th grade and jumped at the opportunity to be in FFA. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined. But I quickly learned! My advisor really pushed me to get involved and that started with my cows. My first SAE was dairy production placement which allowed me to become more comfortable with FFA and led me to become much more involved. My second SAE was in Agriculture Education. My school has always participated in a Food for America program where we bring 4th grade students from schools all around us to a dairy farm and we get to teach them about all the different facets that agriculture has to offer. But I wanted my school to get more involved in educating the younger students about agriculture, so I talked to my advisor and administration and implemented a biannual Ag in the Classroom where we teach 3rd through 6th grade students more in depth about different fields of agriculture.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
While it is hard to choose my top favorite FFA opportunity because there are so many, I would say one of my favorites would definitely be the Ag in the Classroom that I implemented at my school. Getting to teach the younger students about agriculture and seeing their eyes light up with excitement when I tell them they get to play a game with cranberries was pretty special. Proving that learning can be fun and knowing that you helped organize a day of learning that they will remember for a long time is the best reward you could ask for.
What was your favorite summer activity growing up?
My favorite summertime activity growing up would definitely be showing dairy cows at multiple different local and state shows. I have such a big family and showing was always something that we all did together. It strengthened the relationships I have with my siblings and cousins as well as my relationships with other members of the agriculture industry. My favorite memory of showing cows was at my county fair where I had just finished showing for the day and was taking a nap on my heifer with my best friend just as we had many times before. While we were laying with my heifer, Alexa, a news reporter came up to us and took a picture! We were in our local newspaper for doing something that was completely normal to us yet completely different to the general public. Later on I learned that the county fair is the perfect opportunity to begin the process of bringing the gap between agriculturists and the general public.
What is one thing you are looking forward to as a state officer?
One thing that I am looking forward to as a state officer is getting to see all of the members grow into well rounded individuals. I am excited to get the opportunity to aid in their leadership journey through chapter visits, Leadership Development Events, Sectional Leadership Workshops, and numerous other conferences and events. "And develop those qualities of leadership, which an FFA member should possess" - every time we say these words in unison it always reminds me of the dedication it takes to be an active member of the FFA and how we are not only growing future farmers but we are growing future leaders. I would say the thing I am most excited about is helping Wisconsin FFA grow future leaders.
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