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Brooks Lueck - Vice President
Wisconsin Heights FFA Chapter - Section 5
Supervised Agricultural Experience
I have three supervised agricultural experience areas. My first and most developed is landscape management. I work in the flower beds outside of my house. I fully care for 2,500 square feet of flowers. My duties include weeding, cleaning, watering, transplanting, and more. This year I got to completely redesign all of the flower beds, and it was so much fun seeing my vision come to life. My second SAE is small animal care. I worked with guinea pigs and my chocolate lab, as well as helping out fellow members at fair. I trained and cared for two guinea pigs and also showed them at the Dane County Fair. I worked with my chocolate lab, Mocha training her on basic commands. My last SAE is food service, where I worked at a local restaurant. I am a server there and I would prepare salads, dressing, and sides during my shift.
If you had to summarize your year of service thus far in three words, what would they be? Why?
Vulnerable, connective, and exhilarating. These words mean so much this year. Vulnerable is one of the first words that spoke to me this year. It was mentioned during the State Officer Virtual Summit. The first time our team was together. Mamie Hertle, my small group leader was discussing Brene Brown and a book she wrote about vulnerability. I ended up crying very early on into the beginning of the year, and was actually the first one too. Connective can be taken two ways throughout my year. The first way is connecting with my teammates, seeing them probably more than most teams see each other throughout the year. It is great, every time we end a week together I definitely am sad and can't wait till the next time we get to see each other. The second way is connecting with members. Almost everything has been virtual this year, and I thought it would affect the ability to connect with members. However, with so many different technologies and the great work of the team, it hasn't stopped us from connecting. The last word speaks for itself this year. So many new things, and no one else has ever gone through this. We are developing everything as we go and this is definitely one for the history books. So I am ready for the rest of this year and continue to be UNSTOPPABLE.
What is one goal you have for the last half of your year as a state officer?
One goal I have for the rest of my year is to be more open, and to continue to connect with members. Having someone there that genuinely cared about listening to me is the exact reason I wanted to run for State Office. I want to continue to hear the members' stories and be able to make sure everyone feels welcome in our organization.
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