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Aubrey Schlimgen - Sentinel
Marshall FFA Chapter - Section 5
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My SAE is dairy production placement, where I grew up on my family's farm (Schlimgen Farms). My Mom Jackie and I have always milked cows while my brothers and Dad take care of the others chores and tasks at hand. I have helped partake in many things on the farm besides milking cows like feeding calves, vaccinating our beef herd and calves. Bedding and just basic caretaking of the whole herd. Along with that I have now started to learn the process of documenting our newly registered jersey herd and hope to improve upon that. Another SAE I dabble in is Ag Sales. With our Angus Cross Beef herd we sold beef privately for years, but now I have taken our sales to the public eye at farmers markets or social media.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
One thing I am looking forward to the most this year is seeing how the chapters in Section 5 or even in other sections as well, push through and really make this year of FFA count. Now that things are opening back up I can't wait to see how members and the community will seize their opportunities within the FFA to gain experience and ultimately have fun!
Describe your perfect summer day:
My perfect summer day would first off have no humidity, a slight cool breeze, and for the sun to not burn my skin. But the day's activities would include a family gathering with lots of good food, like steaks, potato salad, good desserts etc. And a healthy competition like baseball or kickball, and also riding around on the ATV's on the farm. Of course a water balloon fight would have to be thrown in there as well.
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
I seemed to always have a bunch of items in my pockets after every FFA event I went to, and one item that really doesn't have much significance is chapstick, I'd be lost without it though! But out of 2 items I keep in my jacket pocket, the first one is a rosary or a saint relic of some sort. I take it wherever I travel. My grandparents have always done that by having that thought that someone is looking after you from above. And another item is Ciara Ballmer's card from her retiring Address. She inspired me the most in the FFA and her words of "Bloom where your roots are planted" have helped me from that point on.
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