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Mia Hillebrand - Secretary
River Valley FFA Chapter - Section 4
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My Supervised Agriculture Experience is Agriculture Education. My family and I created a livestock mentoring program where we raise animals for students that attend my school district that may not have the opportunity to keep livestock at their home for our River Valley School Fair. Livestock we raise are swine and Boer Meat goats. I work with students on the importance of barn management, rations, animal care, and showmanship. In 2019-2020, I had also created an Agriculture In the Classroom program for grades 2nd and 3rd with a total of 5 classrooms. I met with each classroom once a month with agriculture activities that involved food, environment, leadership, teambuilding, and more! I also was an Agricultural Independent where I helped my Agriculture Teacher prepare the classroom for the day, worked with students, and helped with paperwork.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
I am looking forward to meeting as many FFA members across the state of Wisconsin as possible. I want to hear students' excitement, inspiration, and passions they have whether it is within the FFA or outside of the organization. I am also excited to work in Agriculture Classrooms in Section 4 and learn more about their Supervised Agricultural Experiences in and out of the classroom.
Describe your perfect summer day:
The perfect summer day is driving on the winding roads of Southwest Wisconsin after an afternoon of taking care of the show stock with the windows down listening to Amarillo Sky by Jason Alden and watching the rows of corn flourish while the sun is setting.
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
2018-2019 Vice President Amber Patterson, Section 4, once asked me to write down a passion I had and how I could apply it to a future career. At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I asked "What do I put down when I do not know?" She simply answered "What are you passionate about?". That question really sunk in. I had realized I had a passion for educating others the importance of agriculture and FFA. I had realized I wanted to be an agriculture advocate and educator. I wrote that down on the notecard she had given us and since that moment it had been in my right inside pocket of my River Valley FFA Jacket as a reminder. 
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