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Kendra Jentz - Treasurer
River Ridge FFA Chapter - Section 4
Supervised Agricultural Experience
My two major supervised agricultural experiences include Sheep Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Education. Since my family has a small flock of sheep, it was natural that one of my SAEs would be sheep production. I am now a primary caregiver for our flock. I am in charge of feeding, watering, record keeping, and medical care for the sheep. My interest in Agriculture Education started during my freshman year in high school when I helped to coordinate and lead 4-H and FFA events and activities. My passion for Agriculture Education has grown immensely since I help coach the meat teams for my local 4-H and FFA members. I was also a student assistant for the River Ridge Ag program within our school. I assisted with coordinating logistics, paperwork, grading assignments, etc. I also assisted in teaching the Freshman Agriculture Class.
If you had to summarize your year of service thus far in three words, what would they be? Why?
If I had to summarize my year of service so far in three words, they would be GRATEFUL, UNFORGETTABLE, and JOYFUL. You will notice that two of the words I chose have the ending "FUL" because my year has been truly FULL. Full of memories, inspiration, laughter, amazing people and so much more. I chose the word grateful because I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to serve Wisconsin FFA this year. I am grateful for the nine truly amazing people -my teammates- that I get to serve alongside and call my best friends. I am grateful for the outstanding FFA members, advisors, alumni, supporters, staff, business professionals that I have been able to work with so far this year. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given as a Wisconsin State Officer. I am grateful that the Wisconsin FFA is UNSTOPPABLE, even in moments of challenge. I could go on and on about all I am grateful for. My next word is unforgettable because this experience often feels like a dream and that if you pinched me, I would wake up. There have been so many unforgettable moments this year from traveling around the state for a week, celebrating and cheering on for members from across the state during the National Convention, or jamming out to YMCA at the end of every FIRE conference. It has also been unforgettable to see FFA chapters continuing to be UNSTOPPABLE with community service projects, chapter meetings, fundraisers, and more. I am looking forward to seeing all the other unforgettable moments that will occur next. The last world I chose is JOYFUL. I don't think that there has ever been a year that has made me laugh and smile so much. Whether it's helping with food giveaways or seeing chapter officers put their Chapter Officer Workshops plans they created into action, or helping members find their home in FFA through many opportunities, there are so many moments this year that have been joyful. I am forever grateful, living unforgettable moments, and continuously joyful to have this year of service for the Wisconsin FFA.
What is one goal you have for the last half of your year as a state officer?
One of my goals for the last half of my year as a Wisconsin State Officer is to make the most of every moment. I will do this by continuing to put my whole heart into serving others, helping to create opportunities for members, listening more, and continuing to view every situation as an opportunity!  I also hope to work to create more ways to work with members such as with workshops, connection rooms and to help others find their home in the FFA. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the year will take us!
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