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Grace Morrissey - Vice President
Shullsburg FFA Chapter - Section 4
Supervised Agricultural Experience:

My supervised agricultural experience started when my mom came home one day and told me she had just purchased me a market lamb from a local sheep breeder. My first thought was, “What were you thinking!?” But little did I know, her decision would be one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I jumped right in and never looked back. After showing lambs for a few years I also got into showing market pigs. The experience of caring for these animals as part of my SAE opened my eyes to the world of agriculture and all the opportunities that could be offered to me.

What it is your favorite thing to do in the winter?

My favorite winter pastime has always been sledding and building snow forts. Usually my friends, sister and I would build our snow fort in a prime location where we could pelt our unsuspecting parents when they arrived home from work. Once we had our fort built and our stockpile of snowballs made, we would go sledding to give our masterpiece time to really ice itself solid. We would pack ourselves a lunch, and drive the gator out to the tallest hill in the cattle pasture and sled all day long. By the time we got back to the house, it was time to set our attack on our parents coming home from work. Talk about the best day ever!

If you could go back and do one more FFA event that you never did during high school, what would it be?

I wish that I had been able to compete in the Discussion Meet competition. Watching the Farm Bureau Discussion Meet Contest at their annual meeting was so interesting and I think that it would have been so much fun to be able to have a conversation like that.

Looking back on the first half of the year, what is one goal you have for the second half?

One goal that I have for the second half of the year is to reconnect with members that I met in the first half of the year. Some of my best memories with State Officers was the second or third time I got to meet them and just reconnect. I cannot wait for speaking contests and banquets to start so I get to see everyone again!

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