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Jeremiah Ihm - Vice President
Lancaster FFA Chapter - Section 4
Supervised Agriculture Experience:
My main SAE is Organic Dairy Production. My family runs an 800 acre certified organic dairy farm with 100 milking Holsteins. My primary role on the farm was calf manager where I oversaw all calf operations. I helped vaccinate calces,  ID calves, keep records of freshcows, medicated any sick calves, and help with daily chores. When I was not doing calf chores I was either helping milk in our parlor or helping in the fields. My work on the farm was bartered for fair animals which is where I have developed a secondary SAE of diversified livestock. My family and I show market lambs and hogs at our county fair. Now that I have aged our for showing I look forward to helping my siblings prepare for shows.
What's one thing you are looking forward to this year?
I am really looking forward to Chapter Visits and Leadership Development Events. I really enjoy working with students in the classroom and also was super involved with LDEs throughout high school. These two events were ones that I enjoyed the most in high school and I cant wait to be back.
What's your fondest FFA memory?
My fondest FFA memory is the 2021 state convention. I experience a wide arrey of emotions that year, from extreme highs to definite lows, and nomatter how I was feeling there was always someone in the blue corduroy jacket that was there to celebrate or comfort me. Throughout our FFA experience we are told time and time again how the jacket makes us a family, 2021 state convention only proved how true that statement is.
How do you like to spend your free time?
During the school year I like to stay active. I participate in many clubs, organizations, and, my favorite, intramural sprots. During the summer months or when I am home I love to spend time helping on the family farm. I also really enjoy turkey and deer hunting as well as snowmobiling snowboarding.
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