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Kendra Jentz - Treasurer
River Ridge FFA Chapter - Section 4
Supervised Agricultural Experience
My two major supervised agricultural experiences include Sheep Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Education. Since my family has a small flock of sheep, it was natural that one of my SAEs would be sheep production. I am now a primary caregiver for our flock. I am in charge of feeding, watering, record keeping, and medical care for the sheep. My interest in Agriculture Education started during my freshman year in high school when I helped to coordinate and lead 4-H and FFA events and activities. My passion for Agriculture Education has grown immensely since I help coach the meat teams for my local 4-H and FFA members. I was also a student assistant for the River Ridge Ag program within our school. I assisted with coordinating logistics, paperwork, grading assignments, etc. I also assisted in teaching the Freshman Agriculture Class.
What was your first memory in the FFA jacket?
My first memory in the blue jacket was my eighth-grade year competing in the Quiz Bowl at sectionals. My team had spent many hours studying binders, flash cards, and the FFA handbook. Our reward for winning districts was our own FFA jackets. The jacket had no name on it yet and it didn't quite fit me, but I remember putting it on and feeling a sense of belonging. I knew this was just the beginning of something bigger. My team tried our best, but ultimately, we didn't win. However, through my time in FFA, the knowledge I gained from Quiz Bowl has always been a great asset. As I look at my old jacket with River Ridge stitched on the back, I think about the many memories and laughter I experienced while wearing the jacket. Truly, I couldn't be more excited to now wear the Wisconsin Association jacket and represent the Wisconsin FFA.
What is a tradition you do every summer?
While there are many activities that I look forward to each summer, my favorite summer tradition is the giant water fight at the Blake's Prairie Fair on Sunday afternoon after all the shows are finished. Five-gallon buckets of water, kids running all over, mudslides and mayhem. If you were outside the show barns during this time you were fair game for someone to soak you. It was an event that I looked forward to every year. It truly brought everyone together and everyone was equal, even if they were your toughest competitor. Since the fair was cancelled this summer, it didn't happen.  However, I am sure it will be back next year and be even bigger and better!
What is one thing you are excited for as a state officer?
During my year of service what I am most excited about is getting to meet and interact with the Wisconsin FFA members! I can't wait to hear their stories, marvel at how amazing they are as individuals, and encourage them to reach for the moon when it comes to their goals. I also know that by interacting with these members, my eyes may be opened up to new ideas and perspectives and I will grow into an even better person. In conclusion, I can't wait to meet our members!
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