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Casey Denk - Vice President
Mondovi FFA Chapter - Section 2
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My Supervised Agriculture Experience is Beef Production Placement. My SAE sprouted from growing up and working on my family's beef cattle operation. We raise Holstein steers and have beef cow-calf pairs. I have shown market steers at the Buffalo County Fair since I was in third grade. I am very thankful for the opportunities growing up on my family's farm has granted me and for all the hands-on experience I was able to gain in the agriculture field.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
This year, I am looking forward to meeting FFA members from around the state and traveling to as many FFA events as possible. I'm ecstatic to kick off our school year with chapter visits and Sectional Leadership Workshops! I am also looking forward to attending the National FFA Convention, in-person, and in Indianapolis towards the end of October!
Describe your perfect summer day:
My perfect summer day would be spent outside alongside family and friends! During the day we would go golfing or fishing as a group. We would end the day around a campfire watching the sunset, grilling our dinner, and eating one of my favorite foods... s'mores!
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
One item I keep in my FFA jacket pocket that holds significance is a simple spark plug that means so much more. Don't worry, it's not used! Collin Weltzien gave a spark plug to all the chapter presidents during his session at the 2019 Sectional Leadership Workshop. He told us to be the "spark" of our chapter and I've kept it in my pocket ever since. This spark plug has served as a continuous reminder to always serve as an optimistic, energetic, and genuine leader during my time in the FFA organization. Collin served as one of my biggest role models throughout his FFA career. He has continued to be someone I admire and I am lucky to call him one of my good friends.

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