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Casey Denk - Vice President
Mondovi FFA Chapter - Section 2
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My Supervised Agriculture Experience is Beef Production Placement. My SAE sprouted from growing up and working on my family's beef cattle operation. We raise Holstein steers and have beef cow-calf pairs. I have shown market steers at the Buffalo County Fair since I was in third grade. I am very thankful for the opportunities growing up on my family's farm has granted me and for all the hands-on experience I was able to gain in the agriculture field.
What's your favorite winter activity?
My favorite winter activity has to be a tie between snowmobiling and snow tubing. Growing up, my family had three snowmobiles that my brother, dad, and I used every night after chores. We had trails through our woods, fields, and cattle pastures where we could ride. I also really enjoy snow tubing! Throughout high school, FFA snow tubing was my favorite chapter event! Mondovi went snow tubing to help celebrate FFA week, quickly becoming my favorite FFA week activity.
What winter olympic sport best suits your personality?
I really enjoy watching the Winter Olympics! Between figure skating, ice hockey, bobsledding, and downhill skiing it doesn't get much better than that! If I had to choose a Winter Olympic sport that best suits my personality, it would be bobsledding. Bobsledding is one of my favorite Winter Olympic sports to watch! It fits my personality because I like working in teams and sledding was my go-to winter activity growing up. Growing up, my cousins and I pretended to be bobsledding teams. We would stack four of us in each toboggan racing to the bottom of the hill. Looking back now, we definitely were not moving very fast or gracefully down the hill, but at the time, we thought we were flying just like the Olympic athletes.
What's one goal you have for the second half of your year as a state officer?
My goal for the second half of the year is to visit as many FFA chapters and members as possible. While doing this, I want to work on taking more pictures to help document all the amazing memories I am making! Please let me know if your chapter has an event coming up, I want to get to know all of you!
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