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Ben Styer - President
Menomonie FFA Chapter
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My two SAEs are dairy production and swine production. Although I can remember helping my parents with farm tasks from a very young age, I started regularly working in the calf barn in seventh grade. Since then, my duties have greatly grown. Today, I am very active in all aspects of the calf barn, feeding calves, understanding computer data, and operating automatic feeders, and occasionally help milk in the parlor too. I also raise a few show heifers separate from the rest of the herd each year and prepare them for shows at a local and state level. Additionally, I help take care of my family's small show pig operation. One of my older sisters, Krista, began showing pigs about ten years ago, and my family has bred, owned, and raised show pigs ever since. My brother, Brian, and I used to farrow about eight sows each year and raise their piglets, but have since sold the sows. I was very involved in sire selection, breeding, and farrowing. From these experiences, I have gained numerous skills and now hope to eventually return to my family's dairy farm sometime after attending college.
What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
I am really looking forward to talking with members, advisors, alumni, and many other supporters, everyone who makes Wisconsin FFA the family that we are. My past year serving Wisconsin FFA was the best year of my life, and that is because of the connections made and conversations had with incredible people. In-person events allow for more opportunities to have casual conversations, so I am excited to learn from members and be myself when chatting! It seems like the best way to get to know someone is by having a good, old fashioned conversation with them, and that is exactly what I, and hopefully many others, are looking forward to. I am also stoked to be working alongside a team of dedicated, intelligent, and driven young women, and I cannot wait to see how each of them grows and thrives throughout our year of service.
Describe your perfect summer day:
As I started thinking about my perfect summer day, it really started to sound like a day showing dairy cattle at the Wisconsin State Fair! This day is going to be jam packed, so in order to fit everything in, I would probably wake up nice and early, then get out to the barns. The weather would be sunny with a few clouds here and there, a very slight breeze, a high of 79°, and not very humid. After having fun in the coliseum showing my heifer, I would love to spend some time with my family on the grounds, eating food and maybe playing some cards. In order for this to be my perfect summer day, FFA members also have to be involved! Maybe I could walk around and chat with members that are exhibiting projects, visit with band and choir members and listen to their performances, and help out in the Discovery Barn with my teammates too! As the day would start to wind down, I would need a couple scoops of my personal favorite, Jumping Jersey Cow ice cream from Cedar Crest in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. I would then like to stay up fairly late enjoying the company of FFA members, teammates, and fairgoers as I eat more fair food and listen to the hum of fans and classic country music in the barn.
What's one item you've kept in your FFA jacket pocket and what's its significance?
" have bigger and broader goals, in FFA and otherwise. That's great, just make sure you have a plan on how to get there." That statement is a small part of a letter I received in August of 2018. I received the letter in the mail after finding success at the Wisconsin State FFA Convention, and Pete Giacomini, a friend of my parents, sent me a package with the letter enclosed. This letter has since been in my FFA jacket every day, moving with me from jacket to jacket. Pete's letter inspires me often, but I also appreciate the honesty Pete shared with me. As dreamers, we must have a plan on how to accomplish our goals; they will not simply happen overnight. Since receiving this letter, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Pete better, between working with him as I practiced for LDEs to Facebook messaging once in while. Even though we may not talk every day, I really look up to Pete and the life of service he continues to live. Carrying the letter with me is a small reminder of what is possible for young people that believe in the future of agriculture.

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