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Collin Weltzien - President
Arcadia FFA Chapter
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My SAE sprouted from my childhood experience growing up on my family's dairy farm, Weltzien Farms. My role on the farm has transformed as my experience has progressed. I started feeding calves and helping my dad, and now I’m able to milk cows, mix feed, clean lots, vaccinate cattle, move cattle, aid in record keeping, perform a variety of field work, and assist in many other of the day-to-day operations when I’m home. My involvement on the farm, in the classroom, and in FFA have combined to provide me with inspiration to pursue a career as a dairy farmer where I can continue to utilize my love of agriculture and the dairy industry.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
One of my favorite FFA events I participated in was the Creed Speaking Leadership Development Event. My participation in the event my freshman year marked my first main involvement in FFA and essentially sparked the rest of my FFA career. The contest certainly improved my comfort and confidence in public speaking, but the powerful message crafted in the FFA Creed opened my eyes to the remarkable tradition and reputation of our organization. Finally, the competitive atmosphere and positive pressure associated with Leadership Development Events in general was an aspect of FFA I thoroughly enjoyed and something I believe continues to benefit me to this day!
What was your favorite summer activity growing up?
For me, summer meant one thing: Little League Baseball! Time was never better spent than when I was out on the ball diamond with friends in the heat of summer for early morning practices or weekend tournaments on the road! Lots of my childhood memories can be traced to a baseball glove and bat in my hands!
What is one thing you are looking forward to as a state officer?
The people I met and places I visited made my first year serving as a state officer a ride of a lifetime, so the chance to reconnect with many of the FFA members, advisors, and supporters I’ve previously met and continue to build upon those relationships in the upcoming year is something I’m definitely looking forward to! Not to mention the countless encounters with new faces I’ll have as well! I am excited to work alongside and support my teammates throughout the year, so together, we can maximize our positive impact on the lives of Wisconsin FFA members!
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