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Michelle Stangler - Vice President
Watertown FFA Chapter - Section 10
Supervised Agricultural Experience:

Through my Immersion SAE’s of Dairy Placement, Agriculture Education Placement, and Poultry Entrepreneurship, I have learned different skills that were once foundational Supervised Agricultural Experiences. I grew up on a small dairy farm and have worked on other dairy farms performing different tasks while gaining a better understanding of the dairy industry. In addition, I began my own Poultry business with raising approximately ten free range, layer chickens. Also, in my Agriculture Education SAE, I write and teach curriculum to elementary and middle school students about agriculture and FFA and assisted in teaching the FFA middle school quiz bowl team. 

What it is your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Living on a long driveway, with hills surrounded me, there is no doubt that my favorite winter activity is sledding! There are so many different hills to go down and always a great time with family and friends. We would try different sleds and be competitive of who can go down the farthest! It would always be a good time to relax and be disconnected from the world for a few hours. Sometimes, it helped me take a break from what I was involved in the FFA and made me more on task when I came back after my adventure. These were some of the most memorable times in winter, but now as I have grown up, I appreciate when I am able to go out and make use out of our sleds!

If you could go back and do one more FFA event that you never did during high school, what would it be?

As a dedicated FFA member, I participated in a wide range of FFA events such as becoming a chair of several chapter events to Career Development Events, but I wish I would have taken more advantage of attending more FFA leadership conferences. I have attended the FIRE and 212° conference, but I never attended the Halftime Conference or Farm Forum - which seem like amazing conferences to be involved in! There are multiple leadership and FFA themed workshops in these conferences that can be translated to life after high school. I was engaged in many other clubs and sports and did not think I could add to a few extra events in my busy schedule, but I was wrong! Seeing all of these conferences take place is a once in a lifetime opportunity that builds off the FFA mission of premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. 

Looking back on the first half of the year, what is one goal you have for the second half?

It’s definitely been a jammed – packed year filled with FFA memories from chapter visits to trainings to Sectional Leadership Workshops, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! There are so many more goals I have for this second part of this year, but one of my top goals is to attend at least one FFA event (other than a chapter visit activity & banquet) for each chapter in Section 10! So, help me make my goal and invite me to your next event because I would be thrilled to see what your chapter does and if I can help anywhere! I want to keep building off of our local success in Section 10 and help FFA members continue to be engaged in the many opportunities the FFA organization provides. I am looking forward to spending some more time with FFA members as we all keep trying to Rise Up and Stand Out!

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