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Michelle Stangler - Vice President
Watertown FFA Chapter - Section 10
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Through my Immersion SAE's of Dairy Placement, Agriculture Education Placement, and Poultry Entrepreneurship, I have learned different skills that were once foundational Supervised Agricultural Experiences. I grew up on a small dairy farm and have worked on other dairy farms performing different tasks while gaining a better understanding of the dairy industry. In addition, I began my own Poultry business with raising approximately ten free range, layer chickens. Also, in my Agriculture Education SAE, I write and teach curriculum to elementary and middle school students about agriculture and FFA and assist in teaching the FFA middle school quiz bowl team.
What is your favorite summer activity?
Every year my summers were different ranging from playing sports to attending various family events, but one part was constant - FAIRS! Although I am eligible to show at two county fairs, I really prepare most for what I call my home county fair - the Dodge County Fair at the end of August! I would spend the summer preparing all of my projects, but the biggest project was always showing dairy cattle. Now, my family's animals were not top notch, but I learned over the years that the connection I made with the animal was more important to me than a ribbon. I have stories about how I named them from Ahhh L.O.L.A. to Lucia! These were memories that involved everything from waking up early to put a halter on the heifer and move them to a different pen to sunburns to experiences spent with family that have shaped me into the individual I am today.
If you were an ag teacher, what would be your favorite class to teach and why?
With so many diverse agricultural education programs around the state, I think teaching production agriculture in northern Wisconsin looks a little different than teaching in southern Wisconsin. But one dream of mine would be to teach rodeo and lassoing and take an adventure in a different state- even though I have no experience in either of those! In all honesty, I think my favorite class to teach would be Introduction to Agriculture because those classes are something I can really shape into my own. As one who's worked many hours with middle school students for my Agriculture Education SAE, I know how much energy these students have and I love that type of atmosphere! I would enjoy teaching this class because it would potentially be the students who would want to learn more about the diversity of agriculture and hopefully be kick-starting their FFA years! Teaching agriculture education could be a possible career path in my future, but we will have to see where this journey called life takes me - my number one goal is to enjoy what I do and to be able to not call it work!
What is one lesson you've learned from your experience as a state officer this year?
When we compare ourselves to someone else we are not giving ourselves enough credit is something I have truly learned and embraced this year! We all have different strengths and weaknesses. The day after I was elected to serve as a State FFA Officer I was so excited to get started and we already had a list of a few things to do that was assigned at our board meeting the next day. One of those tasks was to complete a test about our talents. Tests were not my thing, but I knew that I was going to be all in this year serving FFA members. Each of the State Officers took the talents themed test and we used it in our trainings the following weeks. This test shared my top 5 talents which were belief, developer, significance, includer, and relator. Each of those talents had strengths (balconies) and weaknesses (basements) which means we all have our highs and lows. Although I wish I could say that I am good at everything, I am not. Instead of constantly looking at what other people are doing, I am more focused on if what I am doing is up to my standards - my values and what I believe in. This year, I have embraced what it means to look to the positives of every challenge because although I may not be perfect, I am myself and bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table, and that is what matters!
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