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Isaac Hopke - Secretary
Spooner FFA Chapter - Section 1
Supervised Agriculture Experience:
I have two main Supervised Agricultural Experiences. My first is Diversified Agriculture where I live on my own hobby farm producing various fruits and vegetables, but also raise cattle, sheep, and chickens. My other is Landscape Management where I run a small business caring for lawns throughout the summer and I also do various small landscaping projects.
What's one thing you are looking forward to this year?
I look forward to expanding my connections throughout the year so that I can better serve Wisconsin Agriculture and Agricultural Education!
What's your fondest FFA memory?
My fondest FFA memory would have to be talking with David Lopez personally, the 2020-2021 Western Region Vice President and having him directly recommend me to become a state officer!
How do you like to spend your free time?
I spend a lot of my free time working at my farm or local farms. I also LOVE sports, so I never pass up an opportunity to watch sports or participate in them. With that, I love to workout and I also snowboard a ton throughout the winter. Hunting and fishing always works its way into my schedule as well. The outdoors is where I thrive!
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