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Ryan Erickson - Vice President
Barron FFA Chapter - Section 1
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
I was born and raised on my family's small beef farm which was where my interest in agriculture was sparked. After joining the FFA in the seventh grade, I wasted no time in starting my SAE on the family farm in Beef Production Placement. I grew from observing the daily operations of the farm to now being able to run all aspects of the farm, as the need arises. I later expanded my SAE as I started my own beef herd which has now grown to 20+ animals. I have also been employed by several local dairy farmers for the past 4-5 years where I gained very valuable experience on many different operations.
What is your favorite summer activity?
My favorite summer activity has to be baling hay! And call me old school, but my favorite way to bale hay is still with a small square baler. Whether hauling loads, stacking on a flat wagon, unloading a kicker wagon, or being assigned hay-mow duty, I find a way to enjoy it all…even if I end up wearing enough hay to feed a small herd of cattle!
If you were an ag teacher, what would be your favorite class to teach and why?
Horticulture! I took plenty of ag classes in high school but my Horticulture and Landscaping class was one of my favorites! I really enjoyed working  in the school greenhouse and considered that area as a career path for a short time. Spring is also my favorite time of the year and Horticulture is a great class to teach in the spring.
What is one lesson you've learned from your experience as a state officer this year?
As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, "enjoy every moment." Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and give it your all. While reaching your goals is important, so is enjoying the path it takes to get there.
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