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State Officer Candidates

Name: Jim Melby

Office(s) Served: Wisconsin State Reporter, 99-00

Education: 2003 Graduate of UWRF with a B.S. in Agricultural Education.

Current Position: Currently teaching Agriscience and Advising FFA at Winneconne High School and Middle School.

Testimonial: During my year of service to the Wisconsin FFA Association I was able to gain a true perspective of the abilities and talents that I did not realize I had. Through working with a cohesive team, obtaining top-notch training, and investing time in my personal development, I was able to significantly enhance my organizational and communication skills. In my career of choice I use those skills each and every day. I am a more confident teacher, advisor, and person because I invested a year of service in the Wisconsin FFA. Plus, as an added bonus, I was fortunate to get to know many fantastic people along the way and these connections have proved invaluable!