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State Officer Candidates

Name: Mark Lelle

Office(s) Served: Wisconsin State FFA Reporter, 1978-79; State President 1979-80

Education: B.S. in Agricultural Education from Ohio State University in 1984; M.S. in Agricultural Education from Louisiana State University in 1986; Ph.D. in Resource Development from Michigan State University in 1996

Current Position: Self-employed consultant in evaluation and strategic planning

Testimonial: Serving as a state officer broadened my horizons and prepared me for life more than any other experience Iíve had. The great people I had the privilege to serve, the friends I made along the way, the places I traveled, and the things I learned continue to benefit me. I chose to postpone college for my two years as an officer in order to give it everything I had and to get the most from the experience, a decision Iíve never regretted. When I finally did enter collegeóa little order and a lot wiseróI found the adjustment to be a lot easier than my classmates. To this day, in my service to others and in my work, I still find myself drawing upon lessons I learned as an officer. Regardless of the outcome of the election, running for office is an opportunity you shouldnít pass up.