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State Officer Candidates

Name: Jenny Breuer

Office(s) Served: 2006-2007 State Secretary

Education: Currently attending UW-River Falls Double Major Animal Science Meat Animal Management and Animal Science Equine Management
Minor in Dairy Science

Testimonial: During my year serving as a state officer I had the opportunity to meet many new and wonderful people, travel around the state and nation, and push myself to work outside of my comfort zone. Each and every day that I served was worth each new activity that I got to be involved in. Having been involved in FFA for all four years of my high school career, I never really knew what our state association did, yet I wanted to learn more. I graduated high school and headed off to college for my freshman year at UW-River Falls. Here I met an individual and a campus organization that prepared me for running for state office, which I am very grateful for. Working with the 2006-2007 team was an amazing experience, Together We Can, Together We Will was our theme for the year. It was our mission to work together to promote FFA, agriculture, and inspire FFA members along the way. Indeed I had the opportunity to do all of those, not really knowing the impact I was making until my year of service was done. My advice for all of you state officer candidates, is to push yourself for success. Put your heart into it, your passion will show and others will feel that passion; even if you donít see it, itís there. Each month, week, day, hour, and minute of being a state officer is fulfilling. If you seek the chance to serve the Wisconsin Association of FFA you will find that every experience will help you to grow as an individual, putting that extra little jingle in your step.
***In Memory of Matt Anderson, 2006-2007 WI FFA State President, 1985-2007***