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State Officer Candidates

Name: Amber Swenor

Office(s) Served: 2002-2003 State FFA Reporter

Education: 2007 Graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Political Science Degree

Current Position: Currently self-employed working in the travel industry and as a singer-songwriter

Testimonial: "Giving Someone a Chance: Pass It On." Words can't explain how lucky I was to have an FFA Advisor with a faith born not of words but of deeds; he created a special place in the FFA for every one of his students. Having not come from a farming background I didn't have the knowledge or means to raise livestock animals but with my advisor's financial and educational support I began raising my own lambs and pigs at age 12, continuing my projects for 6 years. I took advantage of every opportunity that the FFA offered and my advisor spent endless hours helping me with speaking contests and projects; he gave me a chance. I looked up to State FFA Officers and admired their poise, passion, and their ability to be professional yet create a fun atmosphere at the same time. I admired the standards by which they lived and I strove to live by those standards myself. I remember feeling special when a state officer spent time with me, I felt like they were giving me a chance. When I reached my goal of becoming a State FFA Officer I lived everyday reminding myself of the great opportunity I had been given by my FFA Advisor that introduced me to the FFA, by previous state officers that believed in me and by my peers that voted for me to serve as their State Officer; they had given me a chance. As a State FFA Officer I grew immensely on a personal and professional level but I was also given the opportunity to reach out to members and share my message with them that it didn't matter who they were or where they come from, they could achieve anything! I believed that just like I had been given a chance, they deserved one too and I wanted to pass it on! That's the beauty of serving as a State FFA Officer - you are given the chance to make what you will of your one year of service, I used mine to give others a chance. The chance for friendship, the chance to feel that someone believed in them. I was a once just a girl that felt that I didn't really belong, but I had ambition and it's because I was given a chance through the FFA that I became a true agriculturalist and a a firm believer that anybody can achieve anything if they are given the chance. The FFA gave me a chance, the FFA will give you a chance. And whether or not you are given the opportunity to serve as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer you do have the power to pass it on.