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State Officer Candidates

Name: Dale Beaty

Office(s) Served: Vice President 1982-83 and President 1983-84

Education: 1987 - Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, UW-Madison and 2010 - Masterís of Organizational Management-Leadership, Capella University

Current Position: Director, Training & Leadership Development for Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Testimonial: Without my involvement in FFA, I really have no idea where my life would have taken me because my FFA experience has influenced everything Iíve done since. FFA established a foundation on which Iíve built the rest of my life. FFA gave birth to my passions for agriculture and leadership. My experience in FFA and as a state officer opened my life to four outstanding life mentors: 1) Gaylord Schroeder, 2) Arnold Cordes, 3) Dr. Virgil Martinson, and 4) Floyd Doering. Their personal values, character, and professionalism set a standard which I still strive to match each day of my life. Many of the officers I served with have remained close life friends. Itís very comforting and inspiring to know you have a group of people in your life cheering you on! The leadership skills I developed in FFA gave me the confidence to become a U.S. Army officer, go through Ranger training, Airborne school, Air Assault school, and lead soldiers as their commander. It gave me the confidence to start and run my own business. Now, as a professional agricultural leadership trainer, FFA prepared me to help other farmers and agriculturists develop their leadership competencies. FFA also taught me the importance of giving back and lifting up the next generation of agricultural leaders. Thatís why I remain involved in the FFA Alumni and why I try to encourage and develop young FFA members, just as my great mentors helped me.