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State Officer Candidates

Name: Katie Klessig

Office(s) Served: Served: 2005-2006 State FFA Reporter

Education: UW-Madison, B.S. Life Sciences Communication

Current Position: Graduating in May

Testimonial: If I could be a state officer again, I would! Not only did I gain communications and networking skills, but I also gained numerous lifetime friends. It is not until after you retire, when you realize the impact you made on students/FFA members. It is amazing to see how much FFA members look up to you. The members are your support and they remind you why you get up early and stay up late working, just so you can present a meaningful powerpoint to an agriculture class. Another huge source of support during my state officer year, was my teammates. It is amazing how close you can become to people you never knew existed. My teammates were my foundation and strength throughout the year, and the memories I shared with them will never be forgotten. Like I said, if I could be a state officer again, I can say, without a doubt, I would!