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State Officer Candidates

Name: Leslie Shuler Svacina

Office(s) Served: Parliamentarian 2001-02

Education: B.S. in Agricultural Marketing Communications from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls (2004) and Masters in Agribusiness from Kansas State University (2009)

Current Position: Comunications Director, Minnesota Agri-Growth Council in St. Paul, Minn.

Testimonial: I served as a state officer after my sophomore year of college. I almost didn't run because I was enjoying my college experiences. Looking back I'm very glad I made the decision to run for state office. It was a life changing experience that was worth taking, while putting my college studies on hold. It was a great opportunity to give back to an organization that helped me grow out of my shy high school freshman self. I found it very reward to help members realize their potential by helping them develop leadership skills and explore careers. However, it also is a committement that requires true dedication and ambition. Serving as a state officer doesn't just provide valuable skills to future educators, it also valuable experience for those pursuing other careers. I personally credit my career path to the skills and industry connections I made serving that year. When I returned to college the following year, things had changed some. However, I had changed too. I was more confident in my values and direction in life. That in itself was well worth the experience.