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State Officer Candidates

Name: Troy Talford

Office(s) Served: 2001-2002 State FFA Vice President

Education: UW-River Falls B.S. Agricultural Education

Current Position: SAgriculture Education Instructor & FFA Advisor at Sauk Prairie Schools

Testimonial: In the spring of 2001 I decided that I would run for a State FFA Officer position, not knowing if I would do very well or not. When I ran, I was under the assumption that you had to have been a Chapter President and have been involved in a ton of state wide activities. This was not the case for me. I was only a FFA Officer for one year and I mostly participated in local activities; oh, did I mention that I did not grow up on a farm. When I was elected at the convention, I knew that I was in for a great experience. Through my year of service I learned what it takes to be a team player, how to lead by example, but most importantly how to connect with people. Learning to connect with others allowed me to find the key to being a successful educator. Since then I have been appreciative of the connections I have made with members of the Agricultural Industry. When putting together my curriculum or simply working with FFA members on their projects, I know that there are key players in the Agricultural Industry whom I can contact for advice and assistance. If there is one thing that I want you to understand about the State FFA Officer Experience, that would be it is well worth the skills you develop, the connections you make, and that those skills and connections will last you for a long time. Even though I have not been an officer for a few years now, I have had the privilege of seeing my students step up to this leadership challenge and serve in the same role as I did.