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Role of the Wisconsin FFA Center

Why was the Wisconsin FFA Center formed?
The Wisconsin FFA Center was developed in 1992 in response to the budget constraints of the Department of Public Instruction in agricultural education.  With the decline in human, financial and time resources allocated to the FFA from DPI, the agricultural instructors throughout the state decided to form a "Center" to insure the continual delivery of the FFA program to students.

What is the FFA Center?
The Wisconsin FFA Center is located in Spencer, Wisconsin.  Cheryl Zimmerman, State FFA Executive Director, handles the daily activity of the office under the supervision of a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is made up of agricultural education instructors from the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators (WAAE) organization.

Purpose of the FFA Center
It is the responsibility of the FFA Executive Director to carry out the following duties but not limited to:

  • Supervision, training, and support to Wisconsin State FFA Officers.  State Officers provide role models to FFA members throughout the state.  They also represent Wisconsin FFA at many state and national functions.  The FFA Center and Executive Director provide the "home base" for officers to report to and provide them with the necessary information, materials, evaluations, schedules and contacts they need to conduct their duties.
  • Coordination of state level meetings for the Wisconsin Association of FFA including state officer training and conference planning meetings, Board of Director meetings, and any other meetings involving the state officers throughout the year.
  • Coordination of state level conferences (State FFA Convention, EDGE, 212 Conferences, 360 Conference, Half Time, Sectional Leadership Workshops, FIRE Conferences, etc.) These conferences focus on developing leadership skills, community awareness, communication, teamwork, etc... those traits which will make a better student and community citizen.
  • Coordination, receipt, processing and reporting of State and National awards, degrees and reports which provide students & FFA chapters with the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements above the local level.  The Executive Director receives assistance from the State FFA Advisor and Executive Secretary in the judging and processing of degrees and proficiency awards.
  • Local Chapter Advisor Support/Requests for Materials.  This enables the advisors to concentrate more on their students, allowing the FFA Center to do the leg work for their program.
  • Coordination of the State FFA Convention.
  • Public relations and promotion of the Wisconsin Association of FFA.
  • Operate the Wisconsin FFA Center including scheduling, bookkeeping, mailings (newsletters, notices, supply requests, etc.), e-mails, website and other management type jobs.
  • The FFA Center works hand in hand with the FFA Association to provide services to FFA members and advisors.  They work so closely together they really should not be considered two separate organizations.

Funding the FFA Center - Chapter Fee: $350.00
Since the Wisconsin FFA Center is funded through local programs and members, it is vital that Wisconsin FFA Chapters are financially committed to the FFA Center.  Each FFA member contributes to the FFA Center through their annual dues - $3.00 from each member supports the Wisconsin FFA Center.  However, this only accounts for half of the money needed to fund the Center.  At the 1994 State FFA Convention, the advisors voted to fund the Center through a Chapter Fee.

Updated June 30, 2016