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2020 Wisconsin FFA Fall Leadership Workshops

After several weeks of planning and designing online leadership opportunities for Wisconsin FFA members, the Wisconsin FFA State Officers are proud to present to you the 2020 Wisconsin FFA Fall Leadership Workshops.

The Fall Leadership Workshops will start Wednesday, November 11 and run through Thursday, November 19.  We have a variety of options to fit your members' schedules, so pick the options that work.  You are welcome to sign up multiple times to accommodate member's schedules.

Friday, November 13 and Thursday, November 19 we are offering a full-day schedule of individual workshops.  We envision these two days to be potential days that you could connect your classes, officer teams or groups of members into the workshops.  Saturday, November 14 we are also offering options for your members…both a morning and an afternoon option. All other days are scheduled at the end of the school day or in the evenings.

We currently have limits on the workshops planning for a maximum of 40 people per workshop.  However we are also flexible and will work with chapters to accommodate what you need to make this work.  Make sure to sign up while space is available!!  We are finalizing the Online Registration Site.  It will be open soon!!  I will send you an email when the site is ready for you to sign up for workshops.

The difference between "Individual Workshops" and “Break Out Sessions" is the structure of how we are presenting these to your members.  
When you sign up for a “Break Out Session”, we will provide you with a Zoom link where students join at the assigned time and then stay on for three rounds of workshops that they will rotate through over about a 2 hour time frame. We will be dividing them up into 5 groups through the Break Out Room feature on Zoom.  
The "Individual Workshops" will each have a separate link to each workshop that we will email advisors and the students can join in for that specific workshop at the assigned time.

What is "Pre-Recorded" and what is “Live”?
The State Officer Messages, the Pre-Session and the Opening Sessions are all pre-recorded….however we will broadcast them at a specific time each day for you to share with your members.  Our goal is that during the times indicated that you would tune in with your members to participate in the Pre-Session and Opening Session and then have the members participate in the workshops following viewing a Pre-Session and Opening Session…..Again remember you can select whatever time you want your members to participate in the workshops….we would just recommend viewing the Pre-Session and Opening Session at some point before they begin workshop participation.

State Officer Message and Member Connection Rooms
The state officers will each have a message that they will share with members….we will highlight these on Facebook and they will be available on our Wisconsin FFA website.  You will be able to share these with your members…we are releasing the speeches at various times and days throughout our leadership workshops….If you are looking for your state officer from your section, make sure to check the schedule for when the video will be released.

We are also planning some informal time with state officers and members during the "Member Connection Rooms".  This will give members the chance to get to know the state officers more, ask questions and share ideas with other members. Even though certain officers are assigned to these rooms, doesn’t mean that only those members from that section are welcome at that time.  Any member is welcome to join in a connection room that fits into their schedule.  If the group get large the two state officers hosting the connection room will use the break out feature to make smaller discussion groups.

FFA Alumni members are invited to participate also.  The Wisconsin FFA Alumni is providing workshops…as an advisor all you need to do is sign up the number of alumni that would participate and we will provide you with a link to share with your alumni members.

Under "Leadership Events" you will find some important information:
1. Descriptions of the workshops available to your FFA members.
2. Schedule of Workshops
3. Schedule of State Officer Messages and Member Connection Rooms
4. Frequently Asked Questions - This will be EXTREMELY helpful to you, so please read so you better understand how Fall Leadership Workshop will happen.

As always if you have any questions, please let us know.   We are doing our best to provide your FFA members with online leadership development opportunities.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this and make these workshops come to life.

Thank you,
Cheryl Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
November 11-19, 2020