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South Central WI (Janesville) FFA CDE

South Central WI FFA CDE - Wed, March 8, 2023           

These contests are hosted by Milton FFA Alumni & Supporters
These contests will allow PRACTICE and QUALIFICATION TEAMS to compete in 2023.

The following contets will be held live at the Rock County Fairgrounds (1301 Craig Ave Janesville, WI - Enter Gate #1) All contests start at 9 a.m. and some will be held in unheated buildings)

Opens = Jan. 8, 2023     Closes = March 9, 2023     Fees = $12.00 per contestant and $15.00 per Floriculture contestant

Livestock - (6 classes with live animals. 1 set of reasons and 1 class of grading market steers. Species may include sheep, pigs, meat goats, beef and any other animals possible at the state level. At least 3 species will be represented)

Dairy Cattle - (4 live classes with really good animals and various breeds. 1 set of reasons and a dairy knowledge test.)    

Dairy Products - (Test, Cheese Identification, Milk Flavors, and Real vs Artificial)         

Vet Science - (hands on practicum, test, identification)     

Wildlife - (50 identification items using new lists and general knowledge test)     

Floriculture - Test, ID, and hands on floral design practicum

Ag Technology and Mechanical Systems -  NEW in 2023- More information to come

Poultry - More information to come soon