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Registration Instructions

How to register for State, Mid-State, Southeastern WI or River Falls CDEs:

  1. Log into (you MUST click on an icon button, do NOT use the 'enter' key)

  2. Click on contest you want

  3. Click on ‘Advisor Login’

  4. Select your school from the list in the window

  5. Click ‘Select and Continue’

  6. Click on your name (if you are a new teacher you can 'add' your information at this point)

  7. Enter your password – this is your Chapter number (WI_ _ _ _) the WI is not case sensitive but you must use numbers (no ‘o’ for a zero)

  8. You now can:

    1. Register Students
    2. Show Current Reg Info
    3. Edit login info
    4. Back to Main

    It is advisable not to change your password from your chapter number. It is true your registration would be more secure with a different password but often advisors forget what they changed it to and if you have questions for the CDE Coordinator he has to look up your change in order to help your situation.

  9. If you click on ‘Register Students’

    1. Window listing all the different CDEs will appear
  10. Select contest area you want

  11. Click on ‘Begin Registration’

  12. This page will have your Chapter membership list in a window

    1. If this contest is a Qualifying contest there will be a drop down window where you indicate at what contest you qualified
    2. Simply highlight you team members
    3. Click on ‘Add Selected Student to Team’

    You can change your team members right up to contest day. Remember if it is a Qualifying Contest, your State team can only have ONE change from your qualifying team. Most State contests now require four scores to count as the team score. Area contests are only requiring three scores to qualify, but you can only make ONE change on your State team. Plan ahead!!!

    Please note: if a student is not listed on your membership list one of two things happened: 1) either that person is not a member or 2) you sent membership in late and then you should have a membership number. You can add students to your membership list, just make sure their dues are paid.

  13. Click on "send confirmation email" to receive confirmation and an invoice

  14. If you change your mind about entering a team, please ‘Delete the Team’ don’t just remove team members because your school will still be registered.

  15. Any questions contact the CDE Coordinator Jen Bradley at or call 920-222-1022.