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Registration FAQs

Q. What are the dates for 2023 Wisconsin FFA Careeer Development Events? A. Please print this PDF for your reference!

Q. Can students who are not FFA members participate for the learning experience? A. No. As with any other FFA-specific event, the CDEs are open to FFA members only.

Q. Can 2022 graduating seniors participate in 2023 CDEs? A. NO, only currrently enrolled students who have not graduated may participate in the Wisconsin CDE Contests . Mid-term graduates from this year (2022/2023) are not eligible, as they need to be active members when the events occur.

Q. What is the cost to participate? A. Each contest has specific entry fees ranging from $20 - $75 per team.  All fees are due at registration and can be paid online at This is different than previous years. If there is a financial need for students who would like to participate, please let the CDE Coordinator know. (

Q. How many contests can students participate in? A. As many as they want, but they can only qualify for National FFA CDE competition in ONE category, and it has to be as a TEAM.  If the CDE contest LIVE event takes place at the same time, (April 27, 2023) then the member can only partciapte in ONE CDE.   They can particiapte in as many VIRTAUL CDE's as the member would like, however they can ONLY QUALIFY to complete in one LIVE CDE event on April 27, 2023.  

Q. How many virtual teams can participate from each school? A. In the Virtual CDE Contests, each school can has as many individauls and teams as they would like, HOWEVER the team attempting to qualify to represent Wisconsin at the National FFA Convention, MUST BE designated at registration. To encourage and foster opportunity for all students to try new things, the virtual contests will not have limits. Only ONE TEAM will be selected to attend the National competition for each contest. If the Virtual CDE event has reasons, all participants will be asked to give reasons. 

Q. Are there time limits for the contests? A. Yes, each contest will had specific time limits. Superintendents may choose to have limits placed on various contest sections, but that will be decided as we plan more, and info will be provided to you as it is known.  Teams should plan to stay for the entire State FFA CDE Event and depsrt when dismissed.

Q. Are there "rules" on how students must be monitored for these virtual contests? A. We understand everyone has unqiue learning/teaching situation to ensure honest and fair competition all students will sign a "intergirty statement" and a proctor agreement from will need to be adherd to by each school, advisor and contestant.   Online exam indicators and other methods to detect sharing dishonesty will be used in all CDE areas (Live and Virtual).   

Q. Where can I find out more info? A. Go to the individual contest pages where you will see the Google Slide for each contest. There is practice info on there for most contests from National FFA and other resources from the contest planners.

Q. What do we do the day of the contest? A. Be ready that day at the time and go to the specific CDE event location (some CDE's will be all virtual and some will be LIVE in Madison on April 27, 2023.

Q. What if there are technolofy issues? A. First, be patient. We are new at this and will do our best to make sure it all goes smoothly. Second, the superintendent will be available the day of your contest and contact info will be provided to you. Also, the CDE coordinator and assistant is available if needed.

Q. When will we find out final scores? A. This year will be different than in the past. We will release winner info as we have it.  Some may be a day or two, but others (especially those with reasons) may take longer. Please have patience. We are BEYOND GRATEFUL for all the people who have worked so hard to make these opportunities possible!