State Contests


All interested teams should register and compete in the the State Virtual Screening CDE Contest on April 8, 2022.  It is suggested that each team compete in a Regional Qualification CDE. Regional qualification sites that are hosting Forestry CDE Contest include Fox Valley, Mid State and UW-River Falls.  The State Live Contest is open in 20 teams.  These teams will be determined from the State Virtual Screening contest and regional qualifaction particiaption/results.  

Date: Virtual Screen Contest - Friday April 8, 2022 - Time= noon -1 p.m.

DATE: State Live Contest - Friday April 29, 2022

Location : UW-Madison Aboretum 

The top 20 teams from the State Virtual Screening will be invited to attend the LIVE State CDE Contest on April 29, 2022

EVENT HOST: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (LEAF) Steve Schmidt,  Superintendent


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