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Who can become a member of the Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association? Anyone interested in supporting the local agriculture education programs, agricultural instructors, and FFA members. If you see the importance of promoting agriculture education, have the heart of a volunteer and want to serve your local community, consider taking the time to get involve in your local or state FFA Alumni Chapter. There are no restrictions on age, education, economics, or ability level. We need you to help spread the word on the importance of agriculture education.

How to Start or Reactivate a Chapter Membership Types

FFA Alumni Membership Information

  • The FFA Alumni membership year runs from August 1 - July 31. (Start registering members August 1st so they get the most value of their membership!)
  • Wisconsin Membership & Dues Submission Deadlines:
    • August 1 – Begin FFA Alumni Roster submission
    • October 1 - Deadline for postmark of roster and annual fee to receive $ 50 discount.
  • All membership (with the exception of NEW chapters) must be submitted through
  • All annual membership will expire July 31.  Annual members are removed from the roster at that time, until added back on after August 1.  Please contact the Executive Director at if you have questions or need help.  The renewal process of annual members is very simple.  Click Here for Membership procedures for chapter leaders.
  • You no longer have to worry about renewing lifetime members, that automatically happens.  You should remove deceased members each year. Contact the Executive Director if you need assistance with how to do that.
  • All chapters must submit a yearly report of local leaders and contact information as well by going to

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